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Latest update from the desk of Johnny Renaissance

September 22nd, 2016 – I just uploaded the first “Strength Card” workout for the MCDS strength and conditioning hub.  This is just a start, and good progress is being made.  To gain access to everything, including the exercise and workout list, just complete the registration form below.  -John


About this blog

Earl Nightengale once suggested that a good life and business strategy would be to watch closely what everyone else is doing, and then just go out and do the exact opposite.

Why would he suggest this?

Because the human race has one terrible flaw.  They move and are influenced to a great degree by the herd, in spite of the facts.  What your decisions should rely on are the facts, and when necessary, your own gut instinct, which will come from your immersion in the facts.  When you do this, you will very often find that that you are lonely, but content.

After almost three years in the car business, I can see why so many are so willing to follow the herd. Inside a business as tough as this one, it is easy to become complacent, give up, and follow the herd.  Because moving against the grain takes tremendous energy.  Think about what might happen in a stampeding herd of elk, for example, if one of them suddenly decided to stop, turn around and run the other way.  Mayhem.

Social media represents the epitome of the malady of herd behavior.   Especially when attempting to use this platform for marketing. The idea that you can magically build your clientele and your business by building a following online and gaining “influence” is flimsy and weak, like the flower of a dandelion just before the wind forces its destiny.

In a sales career where every minute and every interaction counts, I cannot afford to waste time.  There is enough of that already.  So when I really began to look at my productivity online and attempted to tie it in with my return on investment, the connection was as transparent as that dandelion just before the wind began to blow.  To be a successful salesperson and human being, I must focus on the activities that produce a positive return on investment of my time.

This discipline has produced in me a much more focused approach to my work and my life.  As a result, the expertise I’m sharing online is more valuable than it has ever been, and if I’m going to spend the time here, I want to know that those taking advantage of this, are at the very least committed members of the tribe and willing to register here on

What I’m looking for is an interested, devoted, and committed tribe that sees the value in what I have to offer, and will in fact opt-in for the content I can provide because they know that in some way their lives will improve as a result.  Becoming a member also means that you will value this work more, and therefore, pay more attention.  This is good for both of us.

Right now, my work is focused first on selling cars at at Lexus of Madison.  Secondly, though, and equally important is my work on this blog as a strength coach and motivator.  This focus will make us all better and will bring many freak insights on business, fitness and life.  But I’m not just going to let everyone have this stuff for free.  It’s way too valuable.  Instead, I’m asking you to become a member at no cost.  You might still consider this a free offer, but to me, there is great value in your willingness to join me here.  When you do decide to become a member, I will NOT take it for granted.

Hope to have you soon…thanks for reading.

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