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[fitness friday] 5 Exercises YOU can do in DRESS Clothes!

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written by john c ashworth
Watch the live “Fitness Friday” episode on NBC15 on July 18th at 5:15 PM in Madison, WI

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Alright, yes.  I’ve heard all the excuses over and over again.  “But, I don’t like to get sweaty in my work clothes.”  OR, “I can’t do that in my high heels.”  OR, “I don’t have time, I’m at work all day.”

The plain truth is that yes, we are all very busy every day taking care of our primary responsibility – work.  And yes, this often leaves us with very little time at the end of the day for the fun stuff like working out.  So, in the spirit of squashing any and all excuses, I thought I would share with you tonight five exercises you can do while you’re still wearing dress clothes.  An idea, by the way, that my 10-year old daughter Ana crafted for me for this segment.

I’ve chosen five moves that I believe can be performed wearing almost any type of ‘dressy’ outfit (men or women), and that at the same time will give you the biggest boost in heart rate and metabolism throughout your work day.  There are two requirements, however, before we get started.

Requirement #1

You MUST shed yourself of the belief that a little sweat underneath all that cover is a bad thing.  Because if you can’t do that, than you might as well stay in your chair all day.  That said, staying in your chair all day leads to weight gain, which leads to even more heat and uncomfortable feelings in all those fancy clothes, which ultimately leads to more sweat.  Get over it.

Requirement #2

As usual, an open mind, but in addition to this, a willingness to bring at least one dumbbell to work, and hide it under your desk, while also maintaining a quiet focus each day on creating opportunities to break away from your work, and get moving.

OK, here we go…

The Five Moves:

  1. Walking – “That’s right!”  Simple.  Get out of the office and go for a walk.  And if it’s winter time, create what I like to call your own personal office obstacle course and get to work on completing it at least once per day.  Find stairs, back hallways, garages, or small rooms where you can sneak away and get your body moving and your blood pumping.  Bring your dumbbell for added fun 🙂
  2. Stepping – YES!  This is closely related to number one, and I’ve talked about this many times before.  The benefits of finding a stairwell and climbing those stairs multiple times per day is immense.  Research also shows that this kind of intense Heart Rate boost periodically throughout the day is one of the best things you can do to prevent an unwanted heart attack.  Bring your own step if necessary.
  3. The Dumbbell Punch – this one is excellent because it not only will boost your heart rate and grant you a killer shoulder workout in 60 seconds or less, it might also help you relieve some of that office tension that tends to build up throughout the day.  Imagine, for example, who might be waiting for you on the other end of that punch.
  4. Jumping Jacks – ladies, you may have to remove your high heels for this one (which will be good for your lower leg health anyway), and all of us will have to be careful not to raise our hands too high above our heads to prevent a tear in the dress shirt.  But really, if you think about it, there is no reason why you can’t jump around a little during the day.  It will be good for your bones as well.
  5. Push-ups – Aaah, yes, our old and faithful friend, the push-up…either a full push-up on the floor, or maybe just against the edge of your desk or chair.  A few push-ups every day will help you maintain good overall core and total body strength.

Now, before you go dismissing this as just plain silly, allow me to ask you one question…

How much stronger might you be today, if you had taken 10-15 minutes per day over the course of the last year to sneak this stuff in at work?  It might not seem like much when you look at it here on the page, but added up over the course of time, it makes a difference.

The Japanese have a principle known as “Kaizen” or “Constant Improvement” through small, incremental changes implemented consistently over time.

Take action!

Also now known as both The Fitness Nomad & Johnny Toyota


[newsletter] From the news desk of Johnny Toyota :) June 2014

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  As you know I am now selling Toyotas for Smart Motors of Madison, WI.  I’m having a great time and this is my first installment from the desk of Johnny Toyota 🙂

I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your interest!


From the desk of Johnny Toyota on 6/10/2014…

Did you have your exercise snacks today?


written by john c ashworth, ma, cscs, ces

This morning is a good example.  In the spirit of ride your bike to work week, I rode my bike the short three-mile trip to work.  Though that doesn’t seem like much, I feel like a completely different person this morning.


Because even that short trip provides a few hills and a jolt to my morning heart rate that changes my physiology in albeit short, but significant ways.  New research shows that this “Exercise Snack” I had on the way in to work can help me control my blood sugar and blood pressure and not just for a few hours, but for the entire day.  Assuming I combine it with at least a couple more short 10 minute exercise sessions.

According to the New York Times article I read in preparation for tonight’s Fitness Friday segment with Leigh Mills on NBC 15 in Madison, WI, scientists have agreed for some time now that breaking up exercise into repeated, short sessions can as beneficial  as longer workouts.  One example was a study performed in 2012 where people with hypertension were able to control their blood pressure more effectively with three 10 minute walks per day, as opposed to only one 30 minute walk.

In a newer, yet much smaller investigation of nine men and women in New Zealand with confirmed insulin resistance, a pre-cursor to the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, blood sugar levels were improved dramatically throughout the day by similar short, 10-minute “snack-sized” workouts performed repeatedly each day.

Here is what was really interesting though…

The blood sugar levels of participants in this study were tested following meals and multiple times through the day on days where they performed varying types of exercise.  In all cases, as would be expected, blood sugar levels were improved with exercise.  Participants exercised, then ate a meal, and then had their blood sugar tested after the meal and for a 24-hour period following the exercise they performed.

In addition to a steady-state 30-minute walk, the nine subjects in this study came back on two additional occasions and performed 12 minutes of interval training and 12 minutes of interval training accompanied by some moderate strength training exercise.  On the days where they performed the interval training and strength training, their blood sugar was not only lower post-meal, but also lower for the entire 24-hour time period following their exercise and meal.

If you’ve been watching the Fitness Friday segment for any length of time, you will notice a strong trend in the research and in the themes Leigh and I are covering.  The message is that if you want to improve your health, lose or maintain your weight, control your blood sugar, blood pressure and other risk factors for disease, you not only need to exercise at least a few days per day at the gym, you also need to get up our of your chair and move regularly throughout the day.


Because that is how your body is built to work.  It needs movement and exercise and when you provide this activity, it does a much more efficient job of keeping you healthy, fit, and vibrant.




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