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Beware! Don’t let your doctor do this to you…

Beware! This segment was fun, cute, and interesting
and that might just distract you from the truth that lies within the story.
If you or your kids are missing
regular strength training exercise, the health of your
skeleton is at stake. Yes, your skeleton.

Do you want to disintegrate as you age? Or do you want
live into your 80s with a strong, solid, and healthy
physique that allows you to live long and die short?

Personally, I choose the latter.

A case in point…

A woman I met with recently was told by her doctor 5
years ago that she had osteopenia. That is the precursor
to osteoporosis. Her doctor misinformed her and
led her to believe that walking was enough to prevent
the deterioration of her bones that had already

She heeded his advice and guess what? Five years later
she has full blow osteoporosis! Her doctor should be
fired, and you should take note. Walking is not
enough. Everyone needs to do strength training
exercise. There is no way around it.

The segment I did last Friday with Leigh Mills and my
kids discussed the importance of starting early and
getting your kids building muscle now. That makes
it that much easier to maintain as we age.

So, get your kids moving, but you get moving too. You
simply cannot afford not to!

We have two great low cost options right now to help
you do just that. Semi-private training and boot camp.
Use the links below to find out about each program and
I hope to hear from you soon. In the mean time, please
enjoy the segment that is posted on the blog at:


Have a great long weekend and don’t forget to lift a
lot of heavy things. It’s paramount for your bones and
will make you look and feel fantastic!

Fit Yet?


PS Here are the links for our semi-private training
and boot camp programs:

Semi-Private Training: http://www.BeAFitnessNomad.com

Nomad Boot Camp: http://www.NomadBootCamp.com

Yes, It’s hot, but You Still Have No Excuses!

Last Friday, it was drizzling, clouds and thunder filled the sky and the brilliance of a warm summer storm filled me with vitality. The Fitness Nomad Boot Camp has moved to Westmorland Park and it’s almost like a totally new beginning.

When I started the boot camps last October, the program offered a special challenge for all of us, especially me. It had been quite some time since I worked out that hard, and in those first few weeks, all of us had to be careful not to overwork our ageing physiques.

One week at a time, we pushed a little harder, went a little deeper, and ultimately I think gained confidence and momentum in our bodies and our lives. Now, as we move to the park for the summer, The Midvale Boot Camp offers a special challenge for all of us. For me personally, it takes my right back to my days as a collegiate Division I soccer player, arriving for training camp in Mid-August to push our bodies to the complete limit in order to get in shape for the season. I used to come back two weeks before camp even started so that I could spend time acclimating to the elements. The Midwestern Summer is only a far distant relative to that which I experienced in San Diego. The air is dry, the beach is close, and the girls love to show off their tans.

On Monday we had easily one of the top 5 hardest boot camp workouts yet. I’m actually still feeling it today and am working hard to recover so that I’m ready again at 6 PM. Lots of water, Performance, vitamins, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread, and a quick dip in the Shorewood pool should have my in prime form to do it all over again.

So, for those of you who are coming – be ready!

For those of you who are thinking of skipping it because of the heat – be strong!

And for the rest of you – we’d love to have you! 🙂


Take care, and see you at the park…


How You Can Become One of The Most Powerful Human Beings on Earth!

What if I told you that the only thing standing between you and 15 to 20 pounds of weight loss are your muscles? Would you believe me? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? Are you curious? I hope so, because this topic is very interesting and for most of the clients we work with this is the difference maker in their fitness program. The magic ingredient that has been missing from the recipe all along. The yeast that will resurrect your muscles for the expansion of strength, growth, and a whole new way to live your life. Stronger, fitter, and suddenly able to bound like a dear along your hiking path, climb a mountain, or just carry a bag of heavy groceries in from the car. Yes, it WILL happen! And here’s why…

There is nothing like watching that little number on the computer readout that stares back at you as it counts your calories on your recumbent bike, elliptical trainer, StairMaster, or treadmill. Slowly ticking upward as if to taunt your every move. Fifteen minutes on your recumbent bike for example might only yield a burn of 75 calories. Not even half that apple fritter you purchased this morning at Starbucks because you still seem to crave those sweets, and can’t seem to find a way to make oatmeal in the morning, let alone eat it.

Calories are important, but what I want to do right now is put those little buggers in perspective. I want to put them where they belong. Help me gather them up, put them in a little fire pit and start burning them off one by one, even while we’re sleeping next to the fire. Because that’s what building muscle in your body will do. It will turn you into a living, breathing furnace. A metabolic machine able to burn fat, and leap tall buildings in a single bound. I’m sure that might sound to you like the same hype and nonsense you heard on that infomercial witnessed last Saturday while you were working your way through an afternoon snack in front of the television. So allow me to explain.

Last Friday on Channel 15 with Leigh Mills (click here for the segment) we discussed the Top 5 Ways to Maximize your fitness program and stay on track. Simple enough. Were you paying attention? Number one is the key, and if you were reading closely, you discovered that I’m writing a book on the subject. I’m so fired up about it that the first draft will be done in 90 days or less. The topic is so important, so hidden from view by accident, and so interesting and exciting that I just can’t contain myself anymore. I’ve discovered a way to present it to you so that you can see once and for all that you MUST do this, and that it CAN be done.

The topic is your MUSCLE, or lack thereof. A topic covered in every book, magazine article, and fitness segment on you see on television, and yet it’s importance still so often missed. Like a beautiful girl’s outline behind sheer curtains, you can see the image, relish in its beauty, fantasize about what it would be like to be with her her, and yet somehow you can’t see the clear focused picture. You can’t touch her, feel her, or see the well defined shape of her body. It’s only the softened image, still unfocused. The most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, and yet elusive. Everyone is talking about her and no one is willing to knock on the door. So let’s knock, because I know she’ll invite us in. She’s been waiting…

Inside, you discover a beautiful arrangement of the human body at work. A body at work and in motion moving heavy objects with grace and confidence, like a factory at work all day long, your muscles can and will work for you constantly. Contracting and relaxing, stretching and elongating, but only if you ask them to. Asking and taking actions is all you have to do. Just like knocking on that door. That beautiful girl has been waiting inside for you, ready to share her beauty, her willingness, and her longing to help you experience what life can really be like on the other side of those curtains.

Now, don’t get too distracted. That beautiful girl has work to do and so do you.  Here’s why…

The average 180 pound person will burn roughly 300 calories per hour while walking. 284 if walking a 20-minute mile, and 350 per hour if walking a 15-minute mile. That’s pretty good, but again, there’s more to the story.

While performing a good, well balanced, and significant strength training routine, this same person will burn an average of 590 calories per hour, not including rest periods or what that same person burns in the recovery period. Most people are surprised to learn that you often burn more calories during the recovery phase of your strength workouts than you do while you’re working. Just one more of the secrets that has been held from you behind those curtains.

So, imagine this…

1. You take a 30-60 minute walk (200 – 300 Kcals burned)
2. You perform circuit training for 30-60 minutes (300 – 600 Kcals burned)
3. And then you burn a few hundred more calories in your recovery later that evening while taking a nice hot bath and having a cup of blueberry tea. (Let’s say 300 more kcals)

That’s anywhere from 800 – 1200 kcals for that one day of exercise. Not bad, and a heck of a lot better than the 75 your burned in 15 minutes on that bike, where every second felt like the ticking of a clock in your bedroom at night when you can’t sleep.

Even if you only did this twice per week, and then walked 2-3 more times, you would be on your way to crossing that threshold as the door opens and the beautiful women invites you in.

More importantly, you would now be building muscle. Your most precious life asset. No, you can’t wear it like a piece of jewelry, or sell it to the highest bidder for a profit. You can only bathe in its heat and action as it cranks up your metabolism one muscle myofilament at a time. Breeding each time you train, creating energy and vitality behind that curtain, and making you feel like one of the most powerful human beings on earth. Because now, you will be!

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our program and discover what makes it so unique, go to
http://www.NomadKickStart.com.  We are already booking for
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5 Musts for Your Winter Time Exercise Habit – As Seen on Channel 15 News on 1/15/2009

Alright, it’s damn cold out there right now.
In fact at 10:30 PM on Thursday night it’s a
whopping -10 degrees with a wind chill at -27.
No one’s going outside right now, except to
see what it’s like 🙂

This weekend, however, when the weather
warms into the 20s, it will be time to get back
outside for all of the winter fun and games.

Before you do that though, check out these
5 tips for staying warm and safe. I will be
covering these in detail on Channel 15 news
Friday at 5 PM. And you should know that these
segments have become so popular that they have
moved them up in the line-up to 5:05 PM! So,
get home and tune in, or at least check it out
at the top of this blog over the weekend or on

5 Musts for Your Winter Time Exercise Habit

Winter comes and we all spend more time
inside. It’s cold. The days are shorter,
and let’s face it, there’s nothing like
curling up by a nice fire and reading a book
on a cold and snowy day.

The problem is that our winter hibernation
has the potential of quelling even the most
avid fitness enthusiast.

So, fold up that blanket you have wrapped
around you, put on a warm coat and stocking
cap, get outside, and get moving, or
shoveling, or whatever it takes.

Outdoor winter exercise is a sure cure for
cabin fever and your winter blues. It will
double your energy level and boost your
immune system as well. Studies show that
moderate exercisers get 20 to 30 percent
fewer colds than non exercisers do.

But before you go, here are 5 things you MUST
keep in mind for your winter exercise

1. Lay it on, baby!

One of the biggest mistakes cold-weather
exercisers make is overdressing. When
exercising outside, you have the potential of
generating so much heat that it will actually
feel 30 degrees warmer than it actually is.

This can result in a quick chill when you are
finished, leaving you very little time to get
back inside before you get too cold.

The solution is to dress in layers that you
can remove and replace as needed.

Start with a thin layer of synthetic material
such as polypropylene, which draws sweat away
from your body. Avoid cotton, which stays wet
next to your skin. And try fleece for

Top this with a waterproof, breathable outer
layer. A heavy down jacket or vest is a
terrible choice, because it will cause most
people to overheat.

Also, once the temperature dips below 10
degrees, you should really wear a face mask
of some kind for protection from the wind.

2. Protect your extremities.

When it’s cold, blood is shunted to your
body’s core, leaving your hands and feet
vulnerable to frostbite. Try wearing a thin
pair of gloves under a pair of heavier gloves
or mittens lined with wool or fleece. You
might want to buy exercise shoes a half-size
larger than usual to allow for thick thermal
socks or an extra pair of regular socks. And
don’t forget a hat or headband. Remember, 30
to 40 percent of your body heat is lost
through your head.

3. Remember sunscreen.

It’s as easy to get sunburned in winter as in
summer. In fact, it’s often worse in winter
due to the sun’s reflection off the snow
and/or when exercising at higher altitudes.

Make sure and wear a sunscreen that blocks
both UVA and UVB rays and has an SPF of at
least 15 or higher. Use a lip balm that
contains sunscreen, and protect your eyes
from snow and ice glare with dark glasses or

4. Pay attention to wind chill.

The wind can penetrate your clothes and
remove the insulating layer of warm air that
surrounds your body. Fast motion such as
skiing, running, cycling or skating also
creates wind chill because it increases air
movement past your body.

When the temperature is 10 F (-12.2 C) and
the air is calm, skiing at 20 miles an hour
creates a wind chill of minus 9 (-22.8 C). If
the temperature dips well below zero (-17.8
C), choose an indoor activity instead.

5. Drink plenty of fluids.

Drink water or sports drinks before, during
and after your workout even if you’re not
thirsty. You can become just as dehydrated in
the cold as in the heat from sweating,
breathing and increased urine production.

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