Here’s why Good PR is so Powerful!

I just got off the phone with the producer at NBC news this afternoon here in Madison, WI. Apparently, they cooked up an idea this morning at their production meeting and wanted to do a segment this afternoon about a recent study that discussed the ideal frequency of exercise for women. More on that in a minute…

Do you have that kind of relationship with your local television station? More importantly, do you have that kind of relationship with your local television station producer(s)? My guess is, probably not.

They wanted to actually film the segment inside my fitness studio for an even more powerful effect. So they called me to see if I was interested. I was the FIRST person they thought of. Unfortunately, my schedule today dictated other responsibilities and NBC was forced to look elsewhere. Believe me though, if at all possible, I would have jumped at the chance. And one thing you need to know is that when people like this call you, it is paramount that you are ready at any time and at a moment’s notice. They work fast!

How did I get to be the guy they call when they need an expert?

Well, as you know, I have a regular fitness segment that has been airing every other Friday for about three and a half years now. But that’s not the only reason…

I almost lost that segment about 6 months ago when the station decided they needed my time spot for their biggest loser contest. I chose not to participate, because I don’t agree with the entire biggest loser concept.

The news anchor, Leigh Mills, went to bat for me. She went directly to the news director (her boss) for the entire station and said, “Look, you can cancel all of the fitness segments you want, and get rid of all of the experts, but John stays and that’s the bottom line!”

Leigh cited many reasons that the news director ultimately agreed with, and I came back a couple months later. One of the big reasons she wanted me to stay though, is the most important point of this entire story…

“John produces more remarkable content than any other fitness expert we work with. Not only that, for every segment, he writes a well thought out, professional, and educational blog post that our viewers benefit from every time.”

Did you catch that? There are two very important points…

1. Remarkable content
2. Professional Blog posts

One of the big reasons I’m still working at NBC every other Friday is a direct result of the work I do on my blog. That’s how important it is. And remember, these segments have produced more than 50K worth of revenue for my fitness business over the last few years. That’s significant, and that’s only one of the many benefits of my blog and the remarkable content I’m creating constantly.

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As Promised…Your Healthy Turkey Dinner Recipes

created and written by Sara Ben-Ami
Personal Chef & Co-creator of The Fitness Nomad
“Eat Like A Nomad” Nutrition System…


Everyone has trouble with portion size even on a good day…and now, here comes Thanksgiving.

Are you going to shrug and let yourself off the hook with that old standard, “I’ll get on track after the holidays”?

Or, will this be the year that you will be prepared: ready to enjoy the holiday and still eat a healthy feast that will leave you satisfied and at peace with yourself.

Here is a typical T-Day menu, with portions & calorie counts:
Traditional Roast Turkey                     (1 lb raw)       143 calories
Bread Stuffing                                           (1/2 cup)        120 calories
Giblet Gravy                                              (1/4 cup)        128 calories
Green Bean Casserole                            (1 cup)           158 calories
Scalloped Corn                                         (2/3 cup)        190 calories
Mashed Potatoes                                     (1 cup)           200 calories
Glazed Sweet Potatoes                           (1 cup)           240 calories
Dinner Roll & Butter                               (1/1 Tbsp)      380 calories
Pumpkin Pie                                               (1/8 of 9” pie) 280 calories

Total calories = 1739 calories

Yikes! And that doesn’t include turkey skin, or whipped cream, or picking at the carcass every time you pass through the kitchen.  Any wonder everyone falls asleep after this?  See the pictures below to get an idea of how bad it can really get…

So let’s look at how you can eat on Thanksgiving, enjoy the holiday, and still be able to button your pants after dinner, and when you get back to work on Monday.  Because sweat pants are not going to cut it in December!

Dinner based on 1500, 2000, and 2500 calories needed per day would be about 500-665-835 calories that you should consume for dinner.

Now, let’s see how that looks for the same menu:

Turkey                                          4.5 – 6 – 7.5 ounces
Stuffing                                         2 – 3 – 4 Tbsp
Gravy                                            1 – 1.5 – 2 Tbsp
Green Bean Glop                       ¼ – 1/3 – ½ cup
Corn                                               3 – 4 – 5 Tbsp
Potatoes                                       ¼ – 1/3 – ½ cup
Sweet Potatoes                          ¼ – 1/3 – ½ cup
Roll/Butter                                 ¼ + ¾ tsp – 1/3 + 1 tsp – ½ + 1.5 tsp
Pie                                                  1/32 – 1/24 – 1/16 of a 9” pie

So, that should help put your meal in perspective a bit.

Here are some even better choices and strategies:

But the real alternative is to make healthier choices before you even walk into the kitchen to start preparing the feast. Roast a turkey breast (220 calories for 8 ounces); make a corn bread or whole wheat stuffing with pecans & dried apricots, baked in acorn squash halves (212 calories per half, stuffed); make a cranberry relish from scratch replacing part of the sugar with white grape juice (32 calories for 2 Tbsp); prepare fresh or frozen green beans with herbs & tomatoes (54 calories for 1 cup); and finish with pumpkin custard made with fat-free evaporated milk (100 calories for 1/10th of a pie plate).

Total calories: 618
Add 2 cups of green salad & low-fat vinaigrette: 733 calories

Ready to try to reshape your eating habits as well as your body? Time to talk turkey with John.  On Friday, go directly to this link to take advantage of his special offer on our new “Eat Like A Nomad Nutrition System.”  He’s offering a great opportunity for the first 25 who purchase this new service.

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For now…here are those pictures I promised that will help keep you indulgences in perspective.  Both photos are from “Dr. Shapiro’s Picture Perfect Weight Loss Book”

Your typical holiday meal - not that hard to add up a lot of calories...
Your typical holiday meal - not that hard to add up a lot of calories...
That's a log more food at half the caloric price!  Wow!
That's a log more food at half the caloric price! Wow!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sara & John

You Don’t Need a Press Kit – Yet…read this first!


It’s an old expression and maybe you’ve already heard
it more than you’d like.  Or, maybe not…OR, maybe
you’ve heard it and just NEVER let it sink in.

So what am I trying to get at?

You can’t always wait until everything is perfect to
move forward on stuff.  Whether it’s a project, career
move, marketing campaign, or in this case, your PR
mission, sometimes you just have to go for it!  Not
always, but when your instincts are tickling you, you
have to respond.

Three years ago I followed this kind of an instinct on
a Saturday morning much like this one.  I drafted a
quick press release (something what I was not yet an
expert at doing) and sent it to the PR service I was
using at the time for distribution.

I didn’t have a press kit, an official media page on my
web site, or any other even remotely formal media
presence – I just did it!

The topic I chose itself wasn’t even mainstream.  In
fact, it was so off beat and unusual that I was nervous
about sending this one out.  I didn’t want to look like
a fool.

Of course, I sent it anyway and the rest, as they say,
is history…

The following Thursday I received a phone call in the
afternoon from the NBC 15 news anchor who I can now
call my friend.  She wanted to do an interview with me
during her 5 PM interview segment covering the subject.

One thing led to another and the next thing I knew, I
had created a fitness segment that now runs every other
Friday on NBC 15 news here in Madison.

Ready, Fire, Aim…

Now, if you’re shooting a gun, you might want to be a
little more careful.

In this case, following my instincts and not waiting
for everything to be perfect landed me a gig that has
literally been worth tens of thousands of dollars for
my fitness business and has helped me considerably in
building my personal brand here in Madison, WI and

I’m ready to share with you the exact press release I
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Walk Like A Nomad…Photos Enclosed

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Beware! Don’t let your doctor do this to you…

Beware! This segment was fun, cute, and interesting
and that might just distract you from the truth that lies within the story.
If you or your kids are missing
regular strength training exercise, the health of your
skeleton is at stake. Yes, your skeleton.

Do you want to disintegrate as you age? Or do you want
live into your 80s with a strong, solid, and healthy
physique that allows you to live long and die short?

Personally, I choose the latter.

A case in point…

A woman I met with recently was told by her doctor 5
years ago that she had osteopenia. That is the precursor
to osteoporosis. Her doctor misinformed her and
led her to believe that walking was enough to prevent
the deterioration of her bones that had already

She heeded his advice and guess what? Five years later
she has full blow osteoporosis! Her doctor should be
fired, and you should take note. Walking is not
enough. Everyone needs to do strength training
exercise. There is no way around it.

The segment I did last Friday with Leigh Mills and my
kids discussed the importance of starting early and
getting your kids building muscle now. That makes
it that much easier to maintain as we age.

So, get your kids moving, but you get moving too. You
simply cannot afford not to!

We have two great low cost options right now to help
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Have a great long weekend and don’t forget to lift a
lot of heavy things. It’s paramount for your bones and
will make you look and feel fantastic!

Fit Yet?


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