The 'Secret' to my World Famous Kickstart program…

There’s an important milestone as a fitness business
owner and you really want to get there as soon as you
can.  It’s a wonderful place to be, and once you’ve
reached this summit, you will NEVER want to go back.

This is the land of PAID lead generation.  That’s
right, it’s the place where people pay you to sell to

I’ve touched on this topic before and if you’re
interested in learning more, you’ll have to invest in
access to my membership site.

First though, here’s a little more detail on what I’m referring to…

First, don’t make the mistake of making this switch in
your business until you have a system built to ensure
it works.  And don’t make the mistake of attempting
this switch until you really have reached the critical
point in your business where you don’t have much (or
ANY) more time to give away.  You have to get there
first!  That’s step 1.

Once you’re there, though, then you MUST make this
adjustment, because not only will you be happier, but
that you’ll wonder how you survived any other way.

The trick is in setting up a sales system that actually
requires your prospects to buy from you before you give
them any of your time.

I know, it might sound
impossible to you right now, but you really can do it
if you follow my proven system.  But you’re right in
being skeptical, because if you don’t follow the right
steps, and you don’t approach each prospect with the
confidence required, this sales system won’t work for
you very well.

There are three very important steps to this process:

1. The creation of just the right kind of copy for your
web site on the opt-in page

2. The use of a proven method (use of a sales script)
in handling requests for your program as they come in, and

3. The way you approach this abbreviated two week training
program.    Which is actually an opportunity for you to sell for
2 weeks.  Because everything you do, say, and deliver
during this 2-week time period MUST be designed to help
you close the sale.

And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing sneaky about
this approach.  Everyone wins.  Including your clients.

The best part is that your prospects are presented with
an opportunity to get fully comfortable working with
you void of the pressure of making such a big
commitment the first time they meet you.  And you are
at the same time given the opportunity to really show
your prospective clients why you are their BEST choice.

Like I said, everyone wins.

As I’m writing this, my first video seminar on this topic is rendering.
I’m creating videos designed to teach you EVERY aspect
of this sales system.

I will create 1 video per week over the next 4 weeks designed
to teach you this system – my

I will give you everything, from the copy on
my web site to the sales scripts over the phone, and
all the way down to how I handle each minute of each
session.  So that by mid September, you will have
everything you need to put this system into play in your
business and watch your sales soar like I have.

To get access, you will need to invest in a membership
to my new Fitness Nomad Membership site.  To do that,
you can visit the following url right now:

There are currently two levels of membership for fitness
pros.  For the program I’m referring to here, you want The
Fit Pro Linchpin Membership Option.

I hope to have you in this very special club very

Take care,

Your public relations tip and free video…

To try and prove to you that I am really here to help you and NOT just to sell you something, I’m giving away today’s membership site video where Leigh Mills and I show you exactly what you need to do to gain local media exposure in your market.

Here it is…

To find out more about everything we have to offer you inside the Fitness Nomad Membership site go right now to:

Here’s the email I sent out earlier today…

You probably already know that I have a regular
fitness segment on NBC locally here in Madison.
It’s been running every other Friday for about 4
years now.  And the good news for you is that
I want to share all of my success with you.

Here’s how I’m doing that…

First, I’ve created a 5-part video series with
the local news anchor I work with, Leigh Mills.
You can read all about that video series and
how it will help you turn yourself into a local
celebrity here:

And now that we have that series out of the
way, here’s what Leigh and I plan to do…

Twice per month, she stops by my fitness
studio to record a video like the one I’ve
included below in this email to you today.
In that video, we cover the details
on what we did for out most recent fitness
segment and how you can use it in
your own local market.

Essentially, I’m taking all of the work off
your hands so that you can concentrate
on other more important tasks as part of
advancing your fitness career.

I’m providing you with a ready-to-launch
press release, a 5-10 minute video interview
with Leigh about the segment, and everything
else you need to bring it right out to your
local market.

All you have to do to gain access to this is
make a one-time investment of $97.  That’s
right.  Currently, there is no on-going subscription
fee for this service.  Best of all, you’ll also
get the first 5-part video series we have
already created.

To gain access to everything right now, go
to the following link and read more about
what we’re doing…

Even better, if your a fitness business owner
in need of recruitment, I’m also throwing in the
full recruiting system I offer on at no extra charge for
your first month.

Just jump over to the Promote Like a Nomad
page right now, place your order and I’ll call you in
in less than 24 business hours to get
you started.  Your access to the videos will happen

Remember, your one time investment of only
$97 pales in comparison to the wealth that a
media position like mine can bring you.

Hope to have you in the club soon…


PS  Today, I’m giving you the video for nothing.
If you would like the press release that goes with
it, you’ll need to order your access.  And remember, when
you do, you’re going to get a whole lot more than
just today’s PR packet.

The video is on the blog at:

You can also view it on my YouTube Channel at:

The Nomad News Desk Report – Your Belly and your Life Span…

Also be sure to check back in a few hours for the podcast I mention in this video. It’s a good one with some golden insight for women of that ‘critical age’…

I look forward to your comments on this one.

And if you’re a fitness pro, you really should consider some kind of regular broadcast like this one.  My clients love it and it helps position you as an expert, which is always helpful.  Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun…:)

Get the Full News Feed and a whole lot more at

The Job of an Entrepreneur…

Reading another great book by Michael Lewis – Panic.

Below is a great passage about what it means to be an entrepreneur.  I thought you might like it…

“The job of the entrepreneur isn’t to act prudently, to err on the side of caution.  It’s to err on the side of reckless ambition.  It’s to take the risk that the market allows him to take.”

What distinguishes a robust economy like ours is that it encourages ambitious people to take a flyer.  Like the left back coming out of the back on a long run.  Adding one additional forward who is difficult to mark, unpredictable and in many cases, unstoppable…

How to become a fitness celebrity and launch your fitness career…

I’ve just finished editing video #2 in a 3-part series with the NBC news anchor I work directly with here in Madison, WI.  Actually, the first phase of the video editing process is done, now I get to go back and add the fun stuff!  It will be available later this afternoon most likely.  If not this afternoon, then Friday for sure.

I have included it above to give you a quick taste for what the full product is all about.  If you are interested in immediate and early access to this 3-part video series, you can read more about it and place your orders at:

For now, I have clients to see all morning and then hope to get back to finishing this project up by this evening.  I know you’re going to love it!


PS  I’m very excited about this project and this section of my new membership site.  Leigh and I have big plans to bring you a ton of great information about how to turn yourself into a local fitness celebrity.  And I think you would be hard pressed to find a product like this with direct access to a news anchor anywhere else in the fitness industry.

PSS  Stay tuned for more, and be sure to order your advance copy of this 3-part series at:  The first video is completed already, the second one will be ready by this afternoon or this evening, and the third by no later than Saturday.

Here’s the 20-second video again:

There is NO Shortage of People Willing to Waste Your Time…

I’ve heard them referred to as “time vampires.”  I like this description.  Those people all around you who love to suck out all your productivity.  They are your vendors, your unproductive clients, your neighbors, and even your friends and relatives.

You MUST beware.  Be very aware.  Because at any moment, one of them will latch on to your neck and not let go until you’ve realized that your day is gone, nothing got done, and you feel a little woozy.

This morning, it’s my heating and cooling company.  They come by twice per year to check the system and ensure it is functioning properly. 

I talked to the guy who comes two weeks ago.  He had called my home office by mistake (see what I mean, he has the wrong number on file) and wanted to come by “this afternoon” and check the system.  This is exactly how these time vampires operate.  They don’t manage their time well and expect that everyone else is living just the way they do.  It never occurs to them that you might actually have your entire week’s schedule and maybe even next week’s mapped out in advance…

I informed him that no one would be at the studio and that he should follow-up with my studio coordinator to set a day and time.  Of course, he hung up the phone and waited another two weeks to call.  Pitiful! 

Ridiculous and grounds for dismissal at this point.  I don’t take any sh… from vendors any more.  From anyone for that matter.  I don’t waste time.  I don’t have that luxury.

So, as you move through your day today, watch yourself.  These vampires aren’t so sensitive to light like the usual kind.  Heck, they’re not sensitive to anything or anyone.  They have only one mission in life.  And that mission is still a little unclear to me…

be a fitnessnomad…

Don't Disappoint Yourself…

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.

So throw off the bow lines.

Sail away from the harbour.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore, Dream, Discover…

-Mark Twain

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