[fitness friday] 5 Reasons Golf is more Exercise than YOU think…even when you use a golf cart!

written by john c ashworth, ma

Whether you ride in a golf cart of not, the game is full of walking.  But it’s not just the walking that makes golf both great exercise and a fantastic lifetime sport.  The game is full of athletic moves, and full of opportunities to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility.

For all you skeptics out there, consider the following statistics…

According to an article on the National Public Radio web site, the World Golf Federation estimates that golfers who walk an 18-hole course clock about 5 miles and burn up to 2,000 calories.  Now, I can hear you already…”but John, many people don’t walk the course they are playing, they ride in a car.”  Yes, you are correct, so to get maximum fitness benefit from your game of golf, walk when you can.  Keep in mind, however, that in the same article quoted above, a pedometer was connected to an older golfer who rode in a cart, and she still managed


exercises. Dumbbell Squats.

produced by john & carl ashworth

During this dumbbell squat, hold the dumbells at your shoulders and feel how much harder your back has to work.  Be careful.  Don’t go too heavy too soon.  Always remember, you have to be strong to get stronger and bigger.  Always build from a foundation of strength from the inside out.

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John and John in front of John's new 2015 Lexus GS. Enjoy brother!
John and John in front of John’s new 2015 Lexus GS. Enjoy brother!

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[fitness friday] 14-Year Study shows that Belly Fat is a Much Stronger Predictor or Risk than Overall Body fat

Belly fat image

written by john c ashworth, ma

A new 14-year study using NHANES data has shown that while overall body fat is important to consider, belly fat may be the real killer.  In this review of the data collected as part of the on-going NHANES investigation, researchers discovered that men were twice as likely to die over the next 5-10 years when their belly fat reached dangerous levels (A waist circumference greater than 40 inches.  In women, risk increases at a waist circumference greater than 35 inches).

Dangerous levels of belly fat are also bench marked when your waist to hip ratio becomes greater than one.  In other words, when your belly circumference reaches a level greater than the circumference of your hips, your risk for diabetes, heart disease and an early death skyrocket.

Women in the study with too much belly fat also demonstrated increased risk, but not as dramatically.  Their risk increased by 32% compared to the 50% increase in risk documented for the men.

Here is a look at the data:


At age 50, a man with a normal body weight and normal waist to hip ratio had a 5.7% chance of dying within the next 10 years, while that risk rose to 10.3% chance for men with normal body weights but too much belly fat.

For women, the results were less significant. A woman of normal body weight, but high waist to hip ratio had a 33% increased risk compared to a woman who were overweight but had no central obesity.

A woman aged 50 of normal weight and normal levels of belly fat had a 3.3% chance of dying within 10 years, rising to 4.8% for women of the same weight, but high levels of body fat.

To reinforce the risk discovered in this investigation, it is also interesting to point out that men with normal body weight and a high level of belly fat were more likely to have died than any other combination, including men who were obese and had a high level of belly fat.  This means that men who had less body fat overall were still at a higher risk if they had a higher level of belly fat.

Belly fat, as pointed out by one of the researchers, is “Active Fat.” It is more likely to make its way in to your liver and cause inflammation. This in turn put you at risk for type 2 diabetes, and heart disease and ultimately increases your risk of dying sooner than someone who is not carrying high levels of belly fat.