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My message of November Gratitude

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Here’s my November Newsletter Table of Contents!

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  1. [podcast] Obsessed or Dedicated?  Depends on your perspective…
  2. What in the world is making car dealerships so paranoid?
  3. [podcast] A very important story about the vital importance of taking care of YOU, my customer.
  4. Checkout the NEW Scion FRS Release Series I
  5. [fitness friday] 5 Ways to Boost Your Heart Rate with ease and effectiveness at Work!
  6. Why I LOVE Toyota’s Smart Key System
  7. The Top 10 Reasons Toyota Tundra is Best of World

[fitness friday] How after school exercise can speed the development of your child’s brain

Some time in the late 80s, My Mom (holding the torch) got to run with the Olympic torch. A once in a lifetime experience for all of us. That’s me on the left with the “Sun-in” bleached hair 🙂

written by john c ashworth, ma, cscs

**Note: This idea and article was inspired by a post to the Phys Ed Column in The New York Times, written by Gretchen Reynolds

I can always tell when my kids haven’t had physical education during their day at school.  Yes, that’s right, just like in so many other cases, physical education is trumped two days per week in order to focus on other seemingly more important tasks.  The problem is, that the negative impact is glaring.  Tired, lethargic, and attempting to recover from all that sitting all day long, they’re grumpy, unfocused and badly in need of some physical activity and exercise.  Equally important, is the fact that when they don’t get their physical education, they are missing an important opportunity to improve their fitness levels each day, which new research suggests, helps to speed up the development of their brain’s executive functioning.

We have long known that improved fitness levels in kids helps them think better.  The problem with that data has been the fact that it is more associational than cause and effect.  As such, in a new study published in Pediatrics, kids were recruited into an after school program and split in to a control and exercise group.  The exercise group participated in a combination of fun fitness and motor skill development activities that kept them moving for 70 minutes after school, and that helped to significantly improve their fitness levels.  The control group continued with their normal every day life patterns after school.

What did researchers find?

Study participants were aged 8 and 9, because at that age researchers have determined that this time period is associated with a leap in brain development.  Specifically, the executive functioning of the 8 to 9 year old’s brain is developing rapidly during this time.  This is the part of the brain that allows them to impose more order on their thinking, and help control mental multi-tasking, maintain concentration, and inhibit inappropriate responses to mental stimuli.  All of which is becoming more difficult to accomplish in the age of digital distraction.

In addition, kids whose executive functions are stunted tend to have academic problems in school, while children with well-developed brains in this area usually do well.

Sure enough, both subjects in the exercise group and the control group demonstrated improvements in the executive functioning of their brains, but the kids in the exercise group demonstrated a much more significant improvement than did the controls, which coincided with their significant improvements in fitness level.  Kids in the control group showed no improvement in their fitness levels.

Once again, we are presented with evidence that exercise is better than no exercise, especially when it comes to the development of kids’ brains.  The challenge, of course, is making that physical activity and exercise happen each day amidst busy schedules, and seemingly more important pursuits.  Winter time here in Wisconsin also presents the added challenge to get outside on cold and blustery days when darkness often arrives home before we do.

That said, however, how can you ignore these results?  You owe it to your kids to find a way.


Additional quick bullets for those that might be wondering:

Type of exercise they performed after school:

  • Each 2-hour session after school focused on FUN!  The kids played and interspersed rest times, and by the end of each two hour period accumulated 70 minutes of physical activity and about 2 miles of overall distance.
  • The activities changed frequently.  They played tag, as well as learned skills like how to dribble a soccer ball down the field.
  • The exercise and activity was specifically designed to improve both fitness and motor skills.
  • The program lasted for a full school year, which means every day of the week for nine months.  And ,of course, not every kid made it to every session.
  • In spite of mounting evidence, school districts nationwide continue to shorten or eliminate physical education altogether.  Awkward silence…




Johnny T Customer Success story

This is a comment from a recent customer’s Toyota survey…this is why I love this work!  I’m here to help you…

Johnny T and another happy customer

“I was referred to John Ashworth by my sister and her husband who bought the same car a month earlier. They really liked John and they are the type that travel between dealerships. John Ashworth was very knowledgeable about the hybrid that I purchased. His sales approach was open,honest and friendly. He’s a very personable guy and actually opened the door for us was we entered the dealership. He had a big smile on his face and a strong handshake. John quickly responds to concerns and his follow up has been impressive. I think that SMART Toyota in Madison is more than fortunate to have a sales representative as personable, smart, motivated and loyal to Toyota as John Ashworth.”

-Johnny T


[fitness friday] Want to live longer? Get up!

>>This article appeared in my November 2014 Newsletter

written by john c ashworth, ma, cscs


In previous Fitness Friday segments, Leigh Mills and I have discussed the perils of sitting. More specifically, how sitting for long periods of time throughout the day can lead to a hibernation-like state in your body, which leads to diabetes, heart disease and lots of other unhealthy states of physiological being. Even worse, sitting for long periods of time can ultimately undo the benefits from your workout earlier in the day. That’s right. Workout, sit all day long, and it’s like your workout NEVER even happened. Newer research adds to the list of maladies related to sitting and shows us that not only does your sedentary behavior lead to disease but it also shortens your life.

What is different about this new research?

One of these new studies found that sitting less has benefits that relate directly to your cells and things called telomeres inside the cells. Telomeres are the part of your cells that control ageing.

The second one found that even just standing up can have an impact on how long you live.

What can I do about it?

In the spirit of getting moving and getting your butt out of your chair, tonight on NBC15 I will provide 5 exercises you can do in your office. All of them standing, and all of them within arms reach of your chair, so that in the early stages of implementing this new program you’ll be close enough to take a quick break if you need it. 🙂 And if you put these moves together in the way that I will demonstrate tonight, you just might be surprised at how quickly you might reach for that chair.

You’ll have to tune in tonight for the segment, or check back here later for the video archive to see the five moves.

In the mean time, I want to leave you with something to ponder while you’re sitting there in your chair…

Yesterday, I went to go get my flu shot. In fact, I had mine done at Smart Motors, where I work as a sales consultant. No, don’t worry, I have NOT abandoned my life as a fitness expert, it was simply time for something new. Our need for fitness every day transcends life, regardless of your day to day pursuits. Which gets me to my point…

The nurse who injected my flu vaccine recognized me from my regular work on NBC15, and admitted her feelings of guilt now that she was sitting right there with me. Her fitness regime is NOT what it could be. Notice, however, that I did not say, “NOT what it SHOULD BE.” Because I am not, and nor will I ever be the fitness or nutrition police. My job at this stage of my life and career is one of inspiring you to consider the possibility of improving not just your fitness level, but your overall pursuit of life as a human being, and in making the most of this life in any way that is possible for you today and every day from here going forward.

This sitting thing, and the nurse’s guilt are the same. They are decisions. Choices you make. They are not my choices to make, nor my judgments to pass on those choices. They are yours to keep forever. Your reaction to these statments and to the informaiton I present twice per month on Fitness Friday and in my work every day with people trying to improve their lives, or buy a new car, is where true inspiration and improvement in your lives resides. Because if you read this blog post, or watch my Fitness Friday segment on a topic like the one today, and you choose to do nothing about it, well then, nothing really changes. I still appreciate you being a fan, and the opportunity to present good information, but if you still choose to sit all day long well…that’s just unfortunate.

Choose well.

-Johnny T