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John Ashworth is a fitness professional and clinical exercise physiologist, currently working on sebbattical as a Madison Car Salesman.  He is the creator and curator of  TheJohnAshworthblog.com

Currently, John is the internet sales manager at Stark Automotive in Stoughton, WI where he is not just selling cars, but helping people find solutions to the everyday problems that keep most people, maybe even YOU, stuck in a car YOU hate.

“Many would admit that John has no more glowing talent that the one he exhibits in front of the camera.  Check out his weekly videos at http://johnashworth.co”  as well as his YouTube page for highlights of some of his most popular videos to date.  Just as many people have said that John is the absolute BEST car salesman they’ve ever had.”  Click here to view some of those stories

In March of 2014, John decided to take a sebbatical from his work as a  fitness business guru to a Madison car salesman.  It’s been a wild ride and that journey continues here at Stark Automotive in Stoughton, WI.  Stay tuned to this blog for all the details and all of the fun and inspiration.

John is a twenty two plus year veteran of the fitness industry, and an All-American soccer player (circa 1989).  Early in his career, he worked as a clinical exercise physiologist both in physical therapy and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.  Soon, John discovered a passionate desire to make his lifelong vision a reality, and in 2006 opened his fitness studio, The Fitness Nomad.  If you are local here in Madison, WI you might also recognize John from his 10 Year stint producing his Fitness Friday segment with news anchor Leigh Mills in Madison, WI.  Many say that John has no more glowing talent that the one he exhibits in front of the camera.  Check out his weekly videos right here on the blog and see what you think.  You can also find John on YOUTube.  His YouTube handle is /fitnessnomad.

John will tell you that selling cars is the most interesting career experience he has had yet.  In fact, he says…

“My top two favorite things about the car business are all the interesting people, and that fact that the job helps keeps me fit, both physically and mentally!”

If you are serious about working with John to get yourself in to a nicer, newer car, or upgrading your current performance as a human being, salesperson or bohemian athlete, you can subscribe to the mailing list.  Or reach out to him directly by phone or text to: 608-247-5497

Thanks for being here 🙂

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