96-Year-Old Legal Secretary Sylvia Bloom Quietly Amasses Fortune, Then Donates $8.2 Million – The New York Times

sylvia bloom legal secretary story

This is a great story and a great example of one of the smartest things you can do to achieve success.  That is to emulate others who are successful.  You don’t always need to invent something new.  In fact, many times you don’t.  This is a great example of someone who was smart, insightful, and who made the most of her environment and career path in spite of what might normally might have been seen as a less than inspiring role working for someone else.


Her name was Sylvia Bloom and even her closest friends and relatives had no idea she had amassed a fortune over the decades. She did this by shrewdly observing the investments made by the lawyers she served. “She was a secretary in an era when they ran their boss’s lives, including their personal investments,” recalled her niece Jane Lockshin. “So when the boss would buy a stock, she would make the purchase for him, and then buy the same stock for herself, but in a smaller amount because she was on a secre

Source: 96-Year-Old Secretary Quietly Amasses Fortune, Then Donates $8.2 Million – The New York Times

How to get through the gloom of a rainy day

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It’s yucky out here today in Madison, WI but sometimes rainy days can be a good chance to do something different.  Here are a couple things you might want to try…

In the first video above, I mentioned a book and a strategy you can use with that book to re-set yourself on the path to success.  In this second video today, I share with you that book and an example of how I use it to get myself back on track.