365 Days in the Valley of grief

365 days of grief

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Google, “365 Days of Grief” and you will find a long list of funeral homes offering a daily email to which you can subscribe.  When you have a Frazer Consultants web site, we can add this subscription option to your web site.  One of the many benefits of the Frazer platform.  A daily inspiration inspired by the writer of a book with the same idea.  When I came to work for Frazer Consultants, I subscribed myself and though I have not read every single one, I have to admit, they’ve helped me.  Both with my grief and with my life in general.  An opportunity to reflect, be present, and find inspiration inside the simplicity of daily life.

Today, I was doing a little research on the topic and came across the following post from a different writer who lost his father in kind of a grueling manner.  It’s a great post and worth sharing this morning.  Especially as I approach the 11th anniversary of my sister Wendi’s death on May 16th.



Most people speak about how difficult the nights are after you lose someone you love, but for me it’s the mornings that have been the most cruel. So many dawns with grief, you feel it fresh when you open your eyes and look round and you realize, “Crap, this actually happened”.

Source: A Year To Life: My First 365 Days In The Grief Valley



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