Any Book at Any Moment can do this for YOU

written by john c ashworth

Any book at any moment can serve as a psychological trigger.  For a business idea, or more likely, for an insight you need in order to break through.  I find this truth uncanny.  And when I read that statement in my latest No BS Inner Circle newsletter I felt compelled to write about it here.

Books are amazing that way.  Try it.  Try opening one of your favorite books randomly to any page and reading a few paragraphs.  You are likely to find yourself catapulted to a new dimension, if only momentarily, where you suddenly discover the information and insights you need to move something forward.

I have more to write about this in the coming days, but I’ve got to go pack lunches for the kids and get myself to work.  If you’ve landed here early, be sure to check back in the next few days, because not only do I have more insight on this, but I will have a short list of recent books that have crossed my path and that are well worth a look from you.

Also, something I learned from a good friend recently is worth sharing.  You can order large print books from the library instead of buying them at ridiculously higher prices.  Honestly, I did not even know they existed and have been relying on my iPad for print I can more easily see.  But there is nothing like an actual book.  For one thing, a book is more easily held while reading in bed and does not activate the brain and affect your sleep the way the iPad will. I look forward to the opportunity to experience actual books more often now that I’ve discovered the existence of these treasures :).  Thanks, Amy 🙂




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