Make a Bonfire of Your Reputation (when necessary)…

I think one of the greatest challenges for ALL of us as fitness pros is that on a daily basis we have to build our business around other people’s limitations.  For the most part, we succeed.  People change their lives for the better, and we have a positive impact on those we touch.  But there are always a few people who challenge our patience, our mission, and their own ability to grow and evolve.  And in the end, they make us better coaches.

I’ve written before about one of my biggest frustrations – when those around me justify their limitations. 

Limitations are OK.  We are all human.  But there is nothing worse than a situation where a client attempts to make a case for their negative attributes.  Example: “Well, it’s difficult for me to get motivated to cook for myself because it’s only me at home, and it just seems like a waste of time…”  Heard that one before?

I’ve heard that and so many others I could tell you stories for hours.  But in my new goal to remain positive at ALL times, I will refrain.  I write today on this topic both to share and to process one of my most recent frustrations.  And that’s as far as I’ll take it with you here today and in general.  After all, it’s Sunday, the weather is beautiful and I have a monarch butterfly cage to build, and a World Cup Final to watch.

Until we meet again though, here are a couple parting words…

For clients or prospective clients who might be reading this.  I don’t care that you’re not perfect.  Neither am I.  Ask almost anyone.  The only thing I ask from you is that you bring an open mind to every interaction we have.  That you bring a sense of trust both for me and for the spirit of the work we do together.  Likely, you will not always agree with me or feel all warm and fuzzy toward me.  That makes me a good coach.  But if your mind stays open, you won’t let those thorny interactions prevent you from enjoying the roses.

For my colleagues out there?

Stay true to your mission no matter what.  Don’t be passive, be reasonable and firm, and hold your ground when you need to.  Because if you don’t, no one else will.  And if at all possible, “make a bonfire of your reputation when you need to make your point.”  Goodness knows, the world needs more of that!

…be a fitness nomad

The Job of an Entrepreneur…

Reading another great book by Michael Lewis – Panic.

Below is a great passage about what it means to be an entrepreneur.  I thought you might like it…

“The job of the entrepreneur isn’t to act prudently, to err on the side of caution.  It’s to err on the side of reckless ambition.  It’s to take the risk that the market allows him to take.”

What distinguishes a robust economy like ours is that it encourages ambitious people to take a flyer.  Like the left back coming out of the back on a long run.  Adding one additional forward who is difficult to mark, unpredictable and in many cases, unstoppable…

Distraction is not a new Phenomenon!

I’ve read a number of articles recently that detail the pitfalls of our digital lives.  How our time spent in search engines, blogs, and online in general consuming information might be affecting our ability to concentrate.  And while I agree, one does need to be aware of the potential for our digital activity to produce Attention Deficit Disorder-like symptoms, to me there has NEVER been a more exciting time.

Access to the level of information we have today has the potential to do much more good than harm.  What you really need is a system for your information download.  That’s right, just like everywhere else in your fitness business, your fitness career, and in your life, having a system for your information consumption will produce for you the ability to download quality and relevant information that will enhance your life and the lives of those you train, coach, and touch in other ways.

I have developed and continue to refine my own elaborate system for this purpose, because it’s essential for my blogs, my new membership site, and everything else I plan to do as a writer and information marketer.  You may not need a system so intricate, but you do need a system.  And you need to be willing to refine that system on a regular basis. 

In my next post on this subject, I will detail my system.  Actually, it might take a few posts to do it.  So stay tuned for that.  In the mean time, I wanted to share with you a fantastic article I read on this subject the other day.

I also wanted to share with you the latest development at The Fitness Nomad Membership site.  It has to do exactly with this subject.  In addition to pushing great content into my new site (designed specifically to help you advance your fitness career), I’ve also turned the public side of the site into my primary broadcasting channel.  Click Here to check it out.

If you’re a fitness pro trying to advance your fitness career and/or your fitness business, I encourage you to consider creating a channel like this one.  You don’t need a separate site like I have, you could use your blog.  But you really should have it. 


Because it’s an excellent way to develop a relationship with those who follow you and those you consider your colleagues.  There is nothing more powerful than the mastermind style collaboration this kind of channel provides you.  I look forward to sharing with you on a daily basis.  And if you have submissions or ideas about how I can make it better, use this form to send them in…

Two pieces of content I think you might find useful were added last night.  They are shorter versions of the news feeds you find on the home page of this new site.  Feel free to use them on your web sites and blogs.  You’ll have to register for membership first and you can do that here.

be a fitness nomad…

PS  Here’s the article I mentioned earlier and a few of the quotes I really liked in it.

Great article on the subject by Steven Pinker

“…Yes, the constant arrival of information packets can be distracting or addictive, especially to people with attention deficit disorder. But distraction is not a new phenomenon. The solution is not to bemoan technology but to develop strategies of self-control, as we do with every other temptation in life. Turn off e-mail or Twitter when you work, put away your Blackberry at dinner time, ask your spouse to call you to bed at a designated hour.”

Book mentioned in the article…“The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us,”

“…And to encourage intellectual depth, don’t rail at PowerPoint or Google. It’s not as if habits of deep reflection, thorough research and rigorous reasoning ever came naturally to people. They must be acquired in special institutions, which we call universities, and maintained with constant upkeep, which we call analysis, criticism and debate. They are not granted by propping a heavy encyclopedia on your lap, nor are they taken away by efficient access to information on the Internet.

“…The new media have caught on for a reason. Knowledge is increasing exponentially; human brainpower and waking hours are not.”

Steven’s Book: “The stuff of Thought” by Steven Pinker

Here’s One…

The Humana corporation won’t let their employees use stability ball for chairs anymore because they’re worried about the liability if someone should fall. 

According to someone I know on the inside, they often sit ALL day long in some of the worst chairs you’ll fine.  And keep in mind, Humana is a health insurance company.  But they make the bulk of their money on processing Medicare claims so that do they care about preventive medicine.

So, just put this in the category of the illogical stuff we do in this culture that runs counter to living a healthy, fit and balanced life.  Not to mention a life that’s a lot more fun.

My guess is that there is likely no real data that suggests that falls off a gym ball contribute to more injuries and more costs than does sitting on your butt for years on end slumped in the same position.  Eventually making claims for your diabetes, heart disease, carpel tunnel syndrome, tension headaches, low back pain, etc.

I’m not buying that.

And never mind the balls, you’re not even allowed to bring your own chair for “liability reasons.”  So, you’re stuck with what I’m told are some of the worst seats you’ll find anywhere.

They say that you can tell an entrepreneur by the fact that even if he’s working for someone else, he’ll still invest top dollar in his own chair.  I must confess that this is true for me, and that I’ll always prefer the risk.