Connecticut man, Joseph Heller, spent his whole life making others laugh. So, of course, his family honored him with a comedic obituary when he died. – CNN

When Monique and her sisters started dating, their dad would run their dates’ license plates and check for bald tires.

“If their vehicle passed inspection, they were invited into the house where shotguns, harpoons and sheep ‘nutters’ were left clearly on display,” the obituary says.

Source: He spent his entire life pranking others. Now his family is sending him off with a comedic obituary – CNN

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Master your craft. Avoid complacency. Take Action.

written by john c ashworth

Competency is NOT enough. That’s why “Good is so often the enemy of Great.” There is great danger in complacency because once you find yourself living with this mindset, and working daily to justify your choice, change is hard to consider with an open mind. Maybe even impossible.

If you’re not careful, YOUR belief systems will tie you down, hold you back and keep you on a very short leash. Preventing progress.

The results can be devastating, not only for your business but for your life in general.

Sometimes, it leads to a statement like the one I heard yesterday that I believe represents an example of your mind as slayer of your dreams and aspirations.

“I have no desire to learn anything more.”

This comment came from a prospective customer with very little understanding about how to build and cultivate a presence and message online that can help your business grow exponentially.

The opposite of this unfortunate stance, of course, is to embrace the idea of mastering your craft as well as the marketing efforts that will help you share your gifts. It’s clear you’ve already adopted this mindset. You’re here reading this article. The title drew you in for a reason.

In order to master your craft, though, daily action is still vital. YOU MUST always be taking steps to improve, learn, grow, and thrive.

Nothing can happen until you decide to move forward.

Nothing happens, and nothing changes until you take action.

Still, there is likely something you’ve been putting off. A project or pursuit of some kind that very likely has the potential to catapulte your personal or business growth or both.

If only you could find the time…

I realize the timing for your next endeavor for growth might not feel quite right. And it might not be. But what if you just started? What might happen next?

Yes! Your choice might feel like a bigger project than you want to tackle right now. But if it’s the right one, what other things might you choose to move out of the way or off your list entirely once this new and important thing is put in motion.

YOU MUST embrace the belief that starting is that which is most important, and trust that once in motion, you’ll remain committed to following thought – even if it’s just a little at a time. Because once you do this, and once the thing that’s important for you to start today is done, you will likely have an extremely valuable and potentially life-altering asset for your personal and business growth. And very often, completion will come a lot sooner than you anticipated.

Are you Ready?

You may now commence without equivocation.

I’ll wait patiently for your success story 🙂


PS I want to leave you with one more keen insight into this idea. It has to do with the difference between Mastery and Competence and what it truly means to be a master of your craft.

Being competent means you can do the work at high standards.

When you work to become a master, you are on the path to inventing the next level of your work, your life, and your business. This makes you a lot more attractive to better clients, customers, friends, and colleagues.

…my daily walks are an excellent source of inspiration and connection with the ideas and knottiness of my craft that matter to me the most. -john c ashworth

[video] 2019 Toyota Prius Prime gas mileage review – month 1 of ownership

produced by john c ashworth

The Toyota Prius Prime is a great car. It feels like a little rocket ship. A fun and efficient way to get around town. I Love this car!

Below is a quick less than 2-minute video documenting the first month of gas mileage.

I have not been to a gas station since I bought the car a little more than a month ago. I have only used a quarter tank of gas. Generally, I drive less than the 25 miles per day.

The 2019 Toyota Prius Prime will give you 25-30 miles on one full charge of the battery, which takes about 5.5 hours on a standard 120 volt outlet. Only about an hour and a half on the 220 volt outlet.

Bottom Line: overall, using your electric battery as much as possible – and you’ll want to, because the driving experience is incredible…no, uplifting. Combined with the independent rear suspension, the only way you’ll know you’re not inside a luxury car is that you’ll hear more road noise than you would, in say, a Lexus. But nothing out of the ordinary and this one is even quieter than our 2017 Toyota Prius 4. Also a terrific car, by the way.

Enjoy this short video about the 2019 Toyota Prius Prime.


Read this article about the Ring Doorbell camera and then go back and read George Orwell’s 1984

Ring, the doorbell-camera firm, has partnered with 400 police forces, extending surveillance reach – The Washington Post

But legal experts and privacy advocates have voiced alarm about the company’s eyes-everywhere ambitions and increasingly close relationship with police, saying the program could threaten civil liberties, turn residents into informants, and subject innocent people, including those who Ring users have flagged as “suspicious,” to greater surveillance and potential risk. “If the police demanded every citizen put a camera at their door and give officers access to it, we might all recoil,” said Andrew Guthrie Fe

Source: Ring, the doorbell-camera firm, has partnered with 400 police forces, extending surveillance reach – The Washington Post

Stopping Traffic on a Wednesday afternoon | Random Acts of Faith

written by john c ashworth

I sell technology applications for a fast-growing growing technology company in the funeral industry. It’s an interesting experience on many levels. I’ve learned a lot. I love to learn. I’m always learning. In fact, that’s what the ash flash is really all about.

Today, I wanted to share a story with you that I discovered while reviewing a potential customer’s facebook page. A story that changed my perspective in multiple ways within 10 minutes. That’s great writing.

Recently, Gloria Vanderbilt died and one of the things I learned from her relates to this story, which is about staying present with what’s truly important in life.

“Be Kind.” She said. “Everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

That’s easy to forget in a fast-paced world that gets faster all the time. The story below exemplifies that fact.

You’ll be tempted here to run off and go find something else to look at – not take the 10 potentially transformative minutes that await you if you’ll just spend a little more time reading this story.

I encourage you to stay here for a few moments. Because I guarantee you the story below will help you come back to the present moment with a basket full of gratitude and a wide angle lens of perspective that will very likely create the space in your life either immediately or in the very near future that will bring you great joy; and potentially alter your current trajectory in such a powerful way, that you’ll always be glad you stopped for this moment and listened.



Her parents saw you—you were just the first of many who will be impatient with their grief. Her younger siblings saw you—breaking the chain of cars that separated them from their sister’s body and their parents’ arms. You see, a funeral procession is not about getting to the cemetery at the same time. A funeral procession is a chain of connection, a visible sign of the invisible bond of grief. To the grieving, it is inconceivable that the world keeps going when their world stopped. They cannot understand ho

Source: Stopping Traffic | Random Acts of Faith