Sales will ALWAYS BE person to person

written by john c ashworth

You Must NEVER forget…Sales will always be person to person.

No matter what you sell, or who you sell to, even if you sell business to business, purchases are made by people.  People who have emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and who need to feel they like and trust you and your company before they’re going to be willing to cross-over to your side of the river.

I think this important to point out, because as technology advances, and artificial intelligence improves and then attempts to drive your prospecting and selling efforts, it’s vital to stay present with the facts.  People buy things for emotional reasons.

What are they?

Don’t have a good answer?

Time to get to work, because when you do have a good answer and you do buy into the idea that people will always be at the heart of any business or sales transaction, you will then be able to get to work on crafting your messaging in a way that stirs the emotions of your prospects and customers in ways that leave them feeling magnetically drawn toward your solutions.


Oprah Winfrey Commencement Speech 2020 – this is just awesome!

oprah winfrey commencement speech

Oprah Winfrey Commencement Speech 2020 – this is just awesome! Not just for graduates. This message is for all of us…

What will YOUR essential service be?

shared by john c ashworth

congratulations to my niece, Ashley McEwen, on her graduate degree.

go get ’em girl!


I love nurses
my favorite nurse . what will your essential service be? -photograph by john c ashworth

How to structure your product and services for maximum profit

How to structure your product and services for maximum profit

written by john c ashworth

You should always sell Good, Better, and Best. Never sell yes or now. Especially when times are tough like the recession we’re living in right now.


You’ll make more money.

At least 20% of your customers will choose Better or Best regardless and 5% will choose Best by default every time. So, take your current product or service and label that as your Good Version. Then, get to work creating a story about what Better and Best could be and charge more for those versions. Typically, this won’t be hard for you to do, because it’s very likely you’re already doing it for your better and more demanding customers. It’s just that you might not have every thought of taking advantage of it.

Many will fear that showing a Better and Best options at higher price points will scare people away. This almost NEVER happens because most of the time, you have under-priced your offerings.

Second, and this is important, price elasticity is a very very important idea and concept to understand and embrace. There is always a limit to how much you can charge for what you do, but most of the time, you have not even come close to reaching that limit and you won’t actually know until you push that price elasticity theory farther and farther until you reach a clear point of distinction where it does in fact start to affect your ability to sell.

The worse place you want to be with your pricing is in the middle so that leaves you the choice of being the lowest or the highest priced product on the market and the latter will not only bring you a lot more money, but it will also bring you a lot better customers.


PS Spend some time running these numbers in your business and you will quickly see that the affect on your bottom line is dramatic.

PPS Please, Please, just because the economy is struggling do NOT lower your prices. This will only hurt you in the long run and might just lead to your demise. Think different. Think more strategically and really take a close look at your numbers. And when you run into the fear associated with making this kind of fundamental change inside your small business, please also remember that the reason you feel you might not be able to get there is that you don’t have the marketing and sales system yet that will generate these results. It’s going to take some work, but you can certainly build one. I can help.

[video] Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail…

emerson quote

written by john c ashworth

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -emmerson

That’s a quote by Emerson and it’s my favorite one of all time.

My wife of 25 years shared it with me on a card when I opened my fitness studio back in 2006 and then worked like hell to keep from losing everything I had when the great recession hit in 2008. I made it out and with a large duffel bag full of wisdom that I share with you one post at a time here on the ash flash each week.

There’s NEVER been another more relevant time than now to embrace this idea.

What path will you blaze for yourself as we move through a new and life-altering era?

*Note: there is a VERY VERY important message about how to relate to your small business marketing at minute 5 in this video. Be sure to at least watch that part!

Godspeed to you, my friend and thanks for being here. -John

Why Bill Gates is a Vital Beacon for the value and healing power of Science

john c ashworth caffeiene thesis 1

Why Bill Gates is a vital Beacon for value and healing power of Science

written by john c ashworth

One of the first things you discover upon entering graduate school is the focus and importance of scientific study. Yes. This begins with your undergraduate work, but once you get to graduate school, this level of intensity and intimate relationship with the science in your field, and the importance and value of science as a whole, begins to take on a whole new meaning.

The problem in today’s tightly contested and twisted politically altered pursuit of solutions to the covid-19 pandemic, is that according to the US Census, only 13.1 percent of us possess a graduate degree. Yes, these numbers are on the rise and that’s good, but it’s not nearly good enough when you suddenly find yourself wading into a political climate and crisis that is wrought with the perils of ignorance.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, an organization devoted to science and to stopping the spread of diseases like malaria, polio, and HIV in underdeveloped countries, provides a beacon of hope for our ability to prevent ignorance from undermining our evolution. His work has been focused in large part on bringing vaccinations, cures, and viable supply chains to poor countries often ignored by Big Pharma specifically because they are so much harder to mine for profit.

“If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war,” Gates said in his TED talk in 2015 which warned of the real possibilities of the pandemic we are living through today.

The Next Outbreak? We’re not ready

Bill Gates is an expert on the subject and that expertise is grounded solidly in science. Anthony Fauci and others rely on him and his expertise heavily right now. Unfortunately, when Gates warned of the potential of what we are living through today back in 2015, no one would listen; and he now laments his inability to be more persuasive. No one wanted to listen and instead we continued to spend a lot more time and money on protecting ourselves from the next nuclear war, rather than protecting ourselves from this vicious thief we now know as covid-19.

What I find even more disturbing than these facts is the story I read this morning in the post and that I’ve also referenced above that reported on reactions to Gates’ comments on twitter regarding Trump’s decision to halt funding for the World Health Organization.

Of course, when only 13 out of 100 people have taken the opportunity for the pursuit of higher-level education, there is reason for these unfortunate realities. I simply felt compelled today to point them out.

Following Gates’ twitter post, the uneducated and uninformed conspiracy mobs on social media got to work spreading rumors that Bill himself had started the pandemic and that he is mining the crisis for profit and leveraging it for global surveillance and population control. Keep in mind, Bill is the second richest man in the entire world.

Naturally, the State Department has reported that these conspiracy theories are also being amplified by the Russian government as it continues to spread its own form of disease by means of misinformation through state proxy websites. All of which spreads by only one means. A sick ignorance and lack of ability to think critically about the world around you. A phenomenon caused by a lack of education, formal or otherwise. Gates has become an expert in this field by his voracious appetite for reading and study and his strong beliefs in the power of science.

Where have your opinions coming from?


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