Don’t be a Charlatan, Be Yourself…

Don’t be a Charlatan, Be Yourself

written by john c ashworth

Earlier this week I sent out the press release that FitnessProBlogger subscribers receive as part of their subscription. It was actually the same press release that I used to land my initial TV Gig on the local NBC affiliate in Madison WI with Leigh Mills. Yes, it’s still timely, even almost three years later.


How can that be?

Well, without giving it away for free, I can tell you that it has to do with serious safety concerns about balloons. That’s right, balloons. You see, there is something that people should really know about balloons, especially parents of small children, because it could literally save their life.

Now are you curious? Of course you are, and if you subscribe to the FitnessProBlogger Content Service , you will gain immediate access to the full press release on the subject, and a whole lot more. For now, I want to make a few more points and answer a couple of great questions I got about this release from some of our current members…

First, this press release has great power because it is not only important, but it plays on a subject that is life-saving and that not many people know about. That makes for great news content in any publication, written or on TV. They are always looking for the angle.


Second, when you go outside of topics related directly to your fitness business, you show people in the media and in your community an important side of yourself. You show them that you are a health expert who happens to own a fitness business. This makes you BIGGER. When you stay within the confines of your studio and fitness and weight loss you are smaller. Cramped, stuck, afraid, and unsure…

One of the questions I received almost immediately after submitting this release to the subscribers of FitnessProBlogger was whether or not ALL of the press releases they would receive would be about fitness. My answer was that yes, the majority of them would be, but that many of them shouldn’t for the reasons I just stated above. Your goal is to get exposure in your local media. You should use any topic you find interesting to do just that.

I’ll admit, that on that Saturday morning when I decided to write this particular release, I was out of my comfort zone and had the same thought, “Do I have the authority to write to the media on this subject?” It turns out I do 🙂 For some of the fitness segments that I have done recently you can go to my fitness blog.  I do this every other Friday and now, probably about 25% of my client base are people who at one point found out about me on TV. That’s powerful stuff!