The Irony of The Information Age…

We live in a society built on the promotion of instant
gratification. The iphone itself is a perfect example.
Have a problem? Search out an application, download it
and get to work.

Often of course, it’s not actually
work, but some other consumer driven pursuit that
we’re after. Whether it’s a new song, a new car, or
maybe just an ihome clock radio so that we have a place
to park our phone at night, some of us are always living in our heads.

The point is that often, we are caught up in a society
that promotes and encourages a plethora of pursuits
that prevent us from staying grounded in the present,
and as a result, we’re never sure of our next step and of
what is truly important in our lives.

Ironically, I recently found two great apps for the
iphone that capture both the essence of our existence
as human beings, and at the same time are made
immediately available through the use of a technology
that often promotes the opposite. That I guess, is the
irony of the information age. Today, we have access to
as much as we want. The challenge is to choose

The two apps are made by a company called “HappyTapper”
with a tagline of “Zen at your Fingertips.” I love
that, and I love the apps.

The first one is a gratitude list and putting a
gratitude list in place in your daily life will change
everything. Especially in these times, it is vital to
take a few moments each day and remind yourself about
what is truly important in your life. This practice
itself will keep you more grounded. And being more
grounded means that you are more likely to make better
choices for yourself each and every day.

The second one is their Vision Board and is made to
help you lay out your goals in a creative way with
pictures, post it note graphics, etc. You can
categorize them, color them and really spend some
quality time mapping out what you want to accomplish.

When it comes to your health and fitness, both of these
pursuits are an important part of the process. By
taking time to note what you are grateful for, you will
reamain more connected with the importance of why you
want to get in shape and live a healthier more balanced
life. This will keep you steady on the journey of
achieving peak fitness. Because whether you believe it
or not right now, peak health and fitness is not a destination,
it is a journey. And being grateful for everything you accomplish
along the way, will keep you on that path I’m always talking about.
You know, the one that leads to that sandy beach where the
water trickles over your ankles in ecstasy.

Your goals, of course, are essential to the process of
living better and being healthier because they provide
the map down this path. Void of a daily connection
with what exactly you want to accomplish in life and
in pursuit of peak health, it is easy to fall into the
rivine, and soon find yourself drowing in a sea of

Here’s the link for tha site:

If you have an iphone, go get both apps today. If you
don’t, that’s OK. Paper and pencil still work just as
well as they always have 🙂

PS Here’s my Gratitude List for Today

Today, I’m grateful for…

1. My accountant and all the help and support she provides my business. She’s also very sweet, so it’s always a pleasure to see her each month.

2. My studio coordinator, Lisa, who constantly makes my life easier at work

3. My wife Laura and all the work she does to support my business

4. My chiropractor Dr. Anunson who always sets me straight and helps me keep my body in top form for everything I do

5. My beautiful and energetic kids, Carl and Ana. I couldn’t have received two more profound and precious gifts in my life 🙂