Why kids need to move in school – CNN

I’m fortunate to work for a great company that takes great care of their employees.  That’s my new stand-up desk in the photo above.  This story about a school implementing the same idea is long overdue.  Seems a little bit silly that we have to “encourage kids to move so that they will want to move more later in life.”

Come on!  Your bodies are made for movement and exercise.

Go enjoy it.


More teachers are incorporating some form of movement into the school day, especially as the research is pretty clear: Physical activity in school leads to better cognitive performance and fewer behavioral issues, not to mention cutting down on stress and anxiety.

Source: Move over, ‘sit still’! Why kids need to move in school – CNN

13 Ways One Type of Exercise Is the Closest Thing to a Miracle Drug We Have | Thrive Global

man running in bleachers
The right type of running can in your efforts toward building muscle.

Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash

It was initially believed that when it comes to building muscle, cardio paled in comparison to exercises like resistance training, which are designed to help you gain strength. But a recent review of 14 studies published in the journal Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews found that on average, men who did 45 minutes of moderate to intense cardio 4 days a week saw a 5%-6% increase in leg muscle size.”Aerobic exercise, if done properly, can lead to as much muscle growth as you’d expect with resistance exerc

Source: 13 Ways One Type of Exercise Is the Closest Thing to a Miracle Drug We Have | Thrive Global

Why it’s so hard to blaze your own path…

written by john c ashworth

Have you ever found yourself on the wrong path and wondered how you got there, and felt embarrassed that it took you so long to notice? It’s OK. We are all human. The real question is how do you get back? And if you’re blazing your own path, this question can trigger lots of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, and even boredom. Because when you’re blazing new paths, it’s harder to find the road when you get lost, and often you find yourself doing nothing as a result. In fact, there is no road ahead of you. YOU are building it yourself, and if you lack confidence and clarity about who you are and what your mission is in this world, action is stymied and you end up doing either nothing or all of the wrong things. Suddenly, you’re in a job you don’t love focusing every day on the pain of your confusion and frustration and unless you take conscious action to remove yourself from this unfortunate loop, you head in to a downward spiral.

The feeling must be similar to that of the pilot who finds himself in a flat spin with no other option but to eject. You must do the same. Find your ejection handle and duck. You don’t want to end up like ‘Goose’ from Top Gun, who smashes himself against the glass of the cockpit and is never to be heard from again. This ejection will be jarring, painful, and abrupt. In the short run, you will likely find yourself in a worse position than you were before…financially, emotionally psychologically. That’s why so many of us decide to just keep going. To follow the path we can see, instead of finding the confidence to choose a direction and blaze one of our own. It takes a ton of courage to pull that handle and live with the consequences of where you land. It takes true guts.

Are you ready?

-Coach Ashworth