Stop hedging and go all-in

stop hedging

written john c ashworth

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Stop Hedging and Go All-in.

You will grow personally and professionally a lot faster by helping others grow along with you. In fact, this is one of the best ways to grow your small business and your career. This is also a big part of my mission here on The Ash Flash and in the work I do as a business to business salesman.

When you help others grow. Inspire them. Educate them. Make them feel good about doing business with you and work to really connect with them, both you and your customers win.

The problem is that most businesses get far too caught-up in their day to day struggles and their dire need to make sales right now, and then quickly lose sight of this idea. This opportunity to truly serve.

There are two keys to this….

First, and most important, no matter the context or the topic is this…

If your marketing stinks and you have lead-generation problems, the realities you face as a result of this problem will always limit your ability to truly connect with your customers in the way I’m describing here, because you will always be struggling to find the next one. You will find yourself constantly looking outward instead of also looking inward and cultivating the moment. Cultivating your best customers so that they ascend the ladder of your products and services, spend more money with you, praise your good work publicly and refer more customers more often.

As a side note, referrals don’t happen automatically either. You have to train your customers to do this for you. Generally, it won’t happen automatically. You need systems in your business for everything.

So, how do you foster a business and career culture that promotes cultivation of your customers and all your best relationships?

Stop hedging. Be authentic. Be smart about not overextending yourself, and be strategic in how you go about growing your business. Yes. Those are generalities, but the idea is that if you have a great product that solves a pressing problem for a specific group of individuals, you need to stay focused on that process and on that process alone and expand slowly, quietly, and carefully so as not to disturb the flow of your work, so that you can truly connect with those you serve, and be completely present for the next big idea when it arrives.

In order to make all this happen you have to go all in. You have to give this work and your process everything you possibly have to give and at all times. I won’t kid you. It’s not easy and it’s not always fun.

If you can live a life where the people and the customers you serve who know you the best, like you the most, you will have achieved this careful combination of grit and growth. You will have achieved the ability to be yourself and be successful. Still, it will likely take you longer than you think it should to get there.

The problem is that we all have a constant tendency to hedge, and offer concessions that don’t necessarily jive with our true selves, but that get us by in the moment because when we do this, we can avoid the emotional pain that is often the direct result of sticking to our beliefs.

Here on The Ash Flash it is my goal to be as honest with you as I possibly can, while also providing you important and insightful perspectives that will challenge you to adopt this kind of belief system and this kind of approach to running your small business and running your life. If you are interested in being a part of this community, I encourage you to subscribe to the email list as a first step. Once you are officially a part of the tribe, you will begin to receive additional information and communications from me that may just help you achieve far more than you ever thought possible.


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This is where the Best opportunities often come from…

written by john c ashworth

The best opportunities in business and in life very often come, not directly from the thing you really want to do, but from the solution or ‘work-around’ you discover while working to overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way of you doing the thing you really want to do.

In the spirit of this idea, I encourage you to open your mind this fine Monday morning and commit to this very important idea as you begin your week.

Instead of falling back into the same patterns of your usual Monday, cultivate acceptance of your obstacles this week and to your own uncanny ability to find creative solutions.

You might just discover one of the greatest ideas of your lifetime.

Good luck! Have fun, and keep going.


Here’s to The Heartache and Exaltation of fatherhood…

Saturday at the ash flash

written by john c Ashworth

I spent just about all day today pondering a meaningful way to express my respect for my own Dad, and devoted Dads everywhere.

And I happened to have some time this afternoon to begin digging in to some of the old memorabilia my Mom dropped here last month. Some really great stuff. Thanks for keeping this stuff safe all these years, Mom! 🙂

I believe my own patience and my Mom’s efforts have led me this evening to an inspiring insight for all of us…

The picture I shared above (and below) represents some of the years of hard work that went into my career as a youth soccer player. A pinnacle time of development for me as a young athlete and a young man.

Of course both my parents provided vital support during this time. Especially my Dad, who booked a lot of miles driving me where I needed to be and who helped shape my incredibly successful soccer career in very important ways.

The medals you see in the photo represent a second place and fourth place finish in the DJ Niotis National Championship in two consecutive years as an Under 16 center forward for the San Diego Nomads.

The older photo of me along with the team photo for Mr. G’s pizza are much older and grant a quick glimpse of the commitment to playing the game that was solidified long before those national championships were ever played.

My Dad led the way as a Coach, president of the Pacific Youth Soccer League and my own personal guide on my quest to develop my full potential as a player learning to harness his unique gifts.

I was thinking today that my father’s commitment to me as his son in this arena has led me to many great things in my life, including my own serendipitous journey into fatherhood.

A journey that is not always smooth but is always filled with a poignant sense of truth, legacy and love that only a true Dad can understand.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, and to all the brotherhood who stand tall at this gateway, and commit to the heartache and exaltation that demand everything from you along the way.

Godspeed to all of you…