The work of change is excruciatingly slow for those who really want it…

old mustang october 2019

written by john c ashworth

old mustang october 2019
Compare this old mustang to those on the road today. Certainly they’ve changed. But very slowly, year to year, and until you looked at this photo you probably had no real awareness of exactly how much.
photo by john c ashworth

The work of change is excruciatingly slow for those who really want it

Real change that lasts often comes in very small increments that are hard to see.

On an idle Friday afternoon halfway into November, you can either check-out for the day, or find a way to focus on something that will keep your own personal desired change moving forward.

What’s it gonna be?


Don’t make this mistake with Your headline copy

written by john c ashworth

Don’t put your headline in all-caps or all capital letters.


The eyes are creatures of habit. And they will attempt to read your all-caps one letter at a time.

This occurs because when your letters are in all-caps, there are no ascenders and descenders that would allow your eyes the ability to better recognize words.

People are used to reading things in lower case.

So don’t ask them to read the most important part of your marketing piece in a format to which they are not familiar. This creates one more avoidable mistake that will ultimately hurt your responde rates because far less people will make it past the headline and into the story you want to tell them.