There is no such thing as auto-pilot when it comes to your goals and resolutions…

written by john c ashworth

Usually, by this point in the year, most have abandoned their new years resolutions.


Ideas are the easy part.

Most people don’t understand that in order to make changes that last, YOU also have to shake yourself out of the bad habits too.

This effort takes a combination of mental, emotional, and physical ACTIONS committed to and adhered to for as long as it takes.

If you’re faltering or you’ve already lost your mojo, the real question is whether or not you were on the right track in the first place. If the answer is no, then it’s time to re-configure your goals and aspirations for the year.

If you’re on the right track and simply stuck, it’s time to find out why.

The only way forward is to be present with yourself long enough and consistently enough to discover the answers so that you can take the right action and keep moving forward. You can’t do that when you’re too busy being busy.

Stop. Reflect. Write down your thoughts long-hand and then commit yourself to getting back to work. When it comes to your own personal success there is no such thing as ‘auto-pilot.


How to turn your iPhone back into a productive tool again…

written by john c ashworth

How to turn your iPhone back into a productive too again

Start by removing the apps you no longer need or desire on your iPhone.  And then if you have the guts, delete Netflix, and replace it with something much more productive like Audible.

Your choices in this endeavor will differ from my own and everyone else’s. This is your device. Your connection to the world and all of the things that are important to you – sort of…

The iPhone you have in your pocket is an incredibly powerful tool. You’ve heard the idea before, I’m sure. That it holds exponentially more computing power than computers that took up all the space in an entire back room at NASA around the time I was in high school.

And yet…

At night when I’m tired and should be focused on getting to bed so that I can wake even earlier and start reading and writing, I instead find myself camped in my favorite ash flash workshop recliner watching the entire West Wing series for the second time.

What a waste!

I’m done with that this year. That’s a very bad habit that snuck into my life through the back door one night when I left it unlocked by mistake.

Here’s what I did to start the new year 2020 and the new decade in a much more productive posture. I suggest you do the same.

I deleted EVERY app on my phone, like Netflix for example, that is either no longer serving my goals as a salesperson, writer, and Dad along with anything else that I had not used in the last month.

What an amazing feeling!

The clarity and focus this creates EVERY TIME I open my phone is wondrous.

You must stay on high alert for each and every distraction that lies in wait for you in today’s world.

Perfect your environment and this will help you cultivate clarity and focus and help you prevent wasting so much opportunity.


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How to make better decisions, earn more money, and increase your confidence.

written by john c ashworth

How to make better decisions, earn more money, and increase your confidence.

Think Different.

A marketing slogan initially created by Steve Jobs that was brilliant and that represents the fundamental shift most people need to make when they want to achieve MORE and get better results.

Changing your thinking, however, is not always that easy. Most of us discover as we get older and wiser that unhitching ourselves from engrained belief systems is hard and often very uncomfortable.

Or, we discover that choosing a new way of thinking and acting can be fun and exciting at first, but that it’s all too easy to quickly go running back to the old way of doing things when the new way feels so unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and scary.

The truth is that if you want to achieve MORE, Be MORE, and Earn MORE money, YOU need to start thinking differently MORE of the time. Doing things the same way you’ve always done and expecting different results is a common and silly form of denial.

Change is hard because transformation takes great courage. In this case, the courage to explore new ways of thinking and acting that will make you feel uncomfortable and force you into new territory. Often very uncomfortable territory.

That’s OK. But you have to be ready for it. Otherwise, what happens is that we make changes, start to think differently, and quickly realize that we have walked into the room naked and afraid. Vulnerable. Suddenly, our survival instincts tell us that the easiest thing to do is to run back into the other room and put all of our old clothes back on as quickly as possible.

Yes. In the short run, that will alleviate the feeling and fear of being exposed; and ultimately make you feel more safe.

But safe from what?

I’ll finish with a quick example of what I’m referring to here.

Most small business owners spend the majority of their time trying to manage their businesses and the people that work for them. That’s their job, of course.

The problem is that when problems and challenges arise inside the business, owners often don’t take a close enough look at what they might be able to do or change personally that would help them correct their course.

Try spending a little more time focused on managing yourself and not others, and you will very likely discover that with a little humility, open-mindedness and honesty, you will be able to find the courage to admit you’re wrong about stuff and correct your course.

Try spending some time managing yourself, your bad habits, your compulsions, your environment, and everything else that has the potential to negatively influence your personal growth, and by extension, your business. This presence will help you make better decisions that lead to more personal growth and MORE income.


PS One of the best ways to begin this process of better managing yourself is through regular exercise. Not only will regular exercise bring you more energy and more clarity, but the simple act of deciding to commit to it day to day will force you to take a much closer look at how you’re managing yourself in general. This is why so few people re able to make it happen. It requires a little more than good spandex and a fancy watch.

This 94-year OLD Sales Secret is the Key to Doubling Your Profits

they laughed when I say down to play the piano

written by john c ashworth

We have all experienced this. 

A great sales letter or sales pitch that somehow drew us in and suddenly we’re ready to buy.

What happened?

A master storyteller drew us in.

A well written story is one of the most persuasive sales and copywriting techniques you can put to work for you.

Stories sell!

Are you writing any?

Imagine how much more powerful your current marketing could become by incorporating the master secrets of powerful and provocative storytelling into everything you do to communicate more effectively with your prospects and customers.


PS One really good example of this idea is a direct-response piece written by John Caples.  You might even recognize the headline,

“They laughed when I sat down At the Piano
But When I started to Play!”

John Caples was a magnificent storyteller and he understood that in order to get someone to sign-up for a correspondence course teaching them how to play the piano, that what he really needed to do was paint a clear picture of how that feat would play out in real life.  In telling a story about how an average guy was able to surprise his close friends during a dinner party – sitting down to play the piano in unexpected ways – allows the reader to imagine what that experience might be like for them too.  And as a result, build desire. This letter was extremely successful, directly as a result of this powerful storytelling technique.

What stories can you tell about your work, your mission, and your unique services that will resonate like this and stir emotions and put people in the mood to buy your stuff?

they laughed when I say down to play the piano
You can Click here for John Caple’s original Obituary as published in The New York Times. -john c ashworth