Don’t EVER stop Scoring

soccer ball photo john ashworth

written by john c ashworth

Want to sell more? Remove obstacles.

Sounds simple, right? Actually, it is. The hard part is not letting distractions pull you away from this beacon of truth. Especially as your sales and company grow, your focus on eliminating the things that detract and distract from the sales process become more prominent and require your constant diligence.

Think about it honestly…

How much time do you actually spend selling each day?

Very often, it’s not nearly as much as you think and not nearly as much as I’m sure you would prefer.

You must contactly guard against the three hundred pound gorilla that is standing outside your cubicle. Fist pounding. Belly growling, feet stomping. He stinks and he’s clammoring for your attention. Ignore him. He will move on to feed elsewhere, but only if you can stop him from stealing your attention. Stealing your mojo.

That gorilla can come in many forms and they are all easily justifiable until you take a closer look at what you were put on this earth to do. Sell things. Make your business grow. Make more money so you can do more great things. Serve more people with our gifts and expertise.

You can’t do that if you’re constantly trying to tame that beast who is powerful and convincing in his giant hairy armor. Constantly trying to convince you that this other thing needs to be done first or that you should be satisfied with your current progress.

I learned a long time ago from a great soccer coach that as a center forward you should always be hungry for more. Always hungry for another chance at glory. No matter how many golden nuggets you’ve got in your pocket, there is always room for another one.

This might sound greedy to you and if it does? Well, the gorilla’s got your mojo and is coaxing you into complacency. The ultimate monster in disguise.

Don’t ever let up. Don’t ever stop scoring.


You have this opportunity every single day – but it’s easy to miss…


written by john c ashworth


This is a word that keeps surfacing this month for me. It just keeps surfacing over and over again an in many different ways. And as we as salespeople approach the end of the month, the power and buoyancy of this word is impressive.

There are many examples I could share with you today but literally I don’t have time. Here at Frazer, we’re working hard to close deals and make sales happen before month’s end on Friday.

So, for now, there’s one simple and poignant thing I want to share with you about this word and this process inside your sales team, your career, and your life in general.

You have the opportunity every single day to plant a seed.

Yes. It’s easy to forget and ignore the importance of this.

We get busy.





Self righteous.




The trick is in preventing these normal human emotions and behaviors from owning your mindset. Because when they do, you don’t plant anything. And when you don’t plant anything, you have nothing to cultivate.

Good luck!

You can bet there will be more thoughts on this topic later. For now, the focus is on the last few days of this beautiful month of June.