[archives] John Ashworth on the BBC with James Coomarasamy

John Ashworth, The Fitness Nomad as Heard (and seen) on the BBC News Hour

Links to the radio segment are below…

Click Here for the video


James Coomarasamy & The Fitness Nomad. Presents Newshour on the BBC World Service and also appear on BBC World News


Full Story is at the ~47th minute of this BBC News Hour Episode:

During the second broadcast of the news hour, they played my comments almost at the very start of the news hour – nice!

There is also then a slightly different version of the first broadcast at about the 48th minute.


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Perfect Your Environment…

from the archives of johnny renaissance…

old johnny renaissance podcast desk

It’s funny how a small change in your environment can affect your productivity in certain ways.  Just this evening, I reset my broadcast station in my home office and suddenly my blog is cranking again.

Kind of like the title of this post.  You have to shift your perspective to be able to read the first word and place the emphasis on it just the right way.

The same holds true for the balance I strive for when it comes to my writing, broadcasting, and blogging.  I’m always looking for the slight edge…

Perfect Your Environment…