[video] How to adjust text message volume on iPhone in your 2019 Toyota Prius Prime Plus

produced by john c ashworth

My most popular #youtube video to date is the one I did a few years back about how to setup text messaging on your #iphone in your Toyota.

This is a follow-up to that video:

“How to adjust the text message readout and alert tone volume in your #Toyota #Prius #Prime.”

The Toyota Entune system seems pretty much the same as my 2015 Camry, 2017 Toyota Prius, and this 2019 Prime.

The #Prime is the electric version of the Prius and is a beautiful combination of gas and electric power sources. This one goes up to 25-30 miles on the electric battery. Very cool. Currently getting a combined total of about 135 miles per gallon because I mainly get around most days on the electric motor, which is a terrific #driving experience. Lots of #fun. Like traveling in a commuter rocket ship đź™‚

More on all that soon…

-John Ashworth​

Here is the original video in this series

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