Five car buying truths Dealers Hope YOU NEVER discover

written by john c ashworth
your expert car buyer

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Save Big Money on YOUR next car.  Read this report!  It reveals the 5 things Car Dealers Hope you NEVER find out.  This will get you started.  I have lots more information like this coming and you will now have access to it as a subscriber.

I’ve turned them into a set of rules to make this a more action-oriented list.  If you have any questions, just send me an email.

Rule #1:  Getting emotional in any way about your car purchase is the worst thing you can possible do.  The first thing you need to do is calm down!

Getting overly excited and emotional about your car purchase is a perfect formula for over-paying for your next car.  In fact, I would say that Rule#1 is that you should NEVER buy a car on your first visit to the dealership.  NEVER!  I don’t care how rare a deal you think you’re getting, if you show up, no research done first, run in to a real salesperson, and begin to let the excitement of your car purchase over run your logical thought patterns, you WILL end up over-paying for your next car.  Worse, you’ll create a long, draw-out and often exhausting experience that takes up your whole entire day.

Don’t get me wrong, car-buying should be and is a lot of fun.  And you should absolutely enjoy it.  You will enjoy it even more with all the money I’ll help you save, and the time I can prevent you from wasting.  For example, I have clients so happy with my service, because it almost completely eliminated the “internet time suck” that your research can become.  Eating away at your patience, until one day, you wander in to a car dealership without a plan and without real insider’s knowledge of how car deals work and how they are put together and you often spend thousands more dollars than you need to.  It’s happened to me more than once, and it can happen to you.  It probably already has.  The good news is that if you start paying attention to the strategies, tips, and information I begin sharing with you here, you’ll NEVER make this mistake again.

…by the way, it’s OK.  We have all made this mistake at lease once.  It’s just that now, we are not going to let that happen anymore. 🙂

Rule #2: Do NOT enter a dealership without doing your research first.  Car dealers are fully aware of the breadth of information available to you today.  They’re just happy that most people still don’t quite know what to do with that information and how to really use it as leverage inside a car deal.

This rule is VERY important.  It will help prevent you from breaking rule #1 above.  Because if you’re being honest with yourself and NOT getting emotional about your car purchase, you just won’t even feel comfortable buying another car in your life until you are well-armed with information and data and how to use it.  Yes!  By all means, start that research now on your own, but I also highly encourage you to take advantage of my complimentary car deal audit.  That’s right, send me your car deal via email or by fax.  I will review your deal within 24-48 hours and get back to you with my detailed expert report.  No charge.  No pressure.  No catch.  I learn from these two and EVERY single time I do this, the car-buyer saves money!

Rule #3: Arrange financing privately with your own bank first.

Dealers hate it when you do this, because it stops them being able to gouge you in one part of the car deal where many people are still unaware of their tactics.  The price of the car you’re buying, and the value of your trade if you have one, are both important, and it’s even more important to understand that inside the business office, where you sign your paperwork – otherwise known as the ‘back-end’ of the deal for dealers, is often where car dealers and finance managers can add  thousands and thousands of dollars to their profit.  One of those places is on the finance rate for your loan.

Your dealer has what is known as a ‘buy-rate’ for the loan.  In other words, their cost on the loan.  From there, they can mark it up as much as they want, really.  Now, they know you’ll object if they mark it up to high, but this is one of those gray area parts of a car deal where you need to be very smart about how you handle it.

Arranging financing up front with your own lender will accomplish one very important thing.  It will keep the car dealer accountable to offering you a fair rate on your lease or loan.  It’s very likely, you’ll still finance with your car dealership directly.  This is still often cheaper than using your own bank, but having a secured rate from your own bank, will force the dealer to match that rate at the very least.  When you hire me as your expert car buyer, I’ll help you negotiate this rate as low as possible while still being fair to your car dealer.  This is an important and constant balance with your dealer, because when you learn how to treat them right, but at the same time show them that you know what you’re doing, it becomes a whole lot easier to work with them to get you that absolute best deal possible.

Rule #4: Your Car Dealer is NOT YOUR Enemy – Treat them with respect

As you know, I worked on the inside of the car business as a car salesman for five years in a wide variety of settings.  I learned a lot, and now I want to put that knowledge and expertise to work for you.  Certainly, as part of this process I would put up with no kind of BS from a car dealer.  However, I also NEVER treat the car dealer as my enemy or with any disrespect.  I can tell you from first-hand and personal experience that the customers who do this, and who only proceed with their own goals in mind, always lose.  Not only do they often miss out on the best deal possible, they often aren’t able to make a deal at all.  Because there is a point of diminishing returns as a car salesman and I was always happy to move on from people like this and focus on the ones that were more fun to work with and that showed a lot more respect for the art of the deal and the value of the relationship.  This process should NEVER become adversarial.  If it does, you need to stop, find another car dealer, and start over.

Rule #5: There is almost ALWAYS another $500 in your car deal somewhere.  Most of the time, you simply have to have the patience to wait, and the courage to ask.

Especially on your trade-in if you have one.  No matter how well you’ve negotiated, in my experience, very few people went as far as they could have and many more stopped short of saving more money, because they were happy with the price being offered, which is fine, or they simply got tired of the process, gave-in and wanted more to move-on than save another $500.  Either way, it’s your choice, but once again, I can help show you how to eek out just a little more almost every single time.

Bonus Car-buying tip!

Last, since #4 above was more like a rule and not something car dealers hope you never find out, I’m adding one more here…

You might at first think this one is self-serving, and it is.  But I do that for a reason.  Because I know for sure that when you take advantage of what I have to offer here, I’m going to be able to help you save money and prevent the hassle associated with car-buying.

Car dealers hope you NEVER find out about guys like me.  There aren’t that many of us, and that’s perfectly OK.  Just consider yourself lucky to have found me.  Because if there were more car guys like me, really willing to dive in and help people navigate the car-buying process, dealers would make a lot less money.  So, stay tuned to everything I have to share.  Especially all the FREE stuff.  Like my open office hours for members-only.

That’s right, call me any time Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday from 6:30-8 PM CST in the evening and I’ll answer any question you like, and review any car deal your desire free of charge, assuming I can add you to my email list which I NEVER share with anyone.  That way, we can stay in touch, and I can save you boat loads of money for years to come on ALL your car purchases.





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