Five Simple Moves to Keep you loose, limber, and YOU and your back healthy and happy for the holidays


written by john c ashworth, ma

I don’t know about you, but as the weather gets cold and the holiday seasons ramps up, the stress, lack of sleep, and my increasing age often leave me and my back quite stiff and sore.

To counteract my ageing physique and the strains of this great season, here are my five favorite moves:

  1. Triangle Yoga Poses
  2. Seated and Standing Hip Stretch
  3. Single Leg Standing Hamstring Stretch
  4. Single Knee to Chest
  5. Later Trunk Trunk Rotation

These moves are simple.  They can be done almost anywhere.  All of them help root your thigh bone back in to your hip socket which has a profound affect on your central nervous system.  In other words, these movements not only help limber you up, but also mellow you out.

Try them at least once a day this holiday season and you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

Of course, feel free to do them more than once per day.  And performing them before you go to bed at night will help you sleep.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!





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