How to Buy a Car Mini-Course

How to buy a car from JohnnyT and Save MoneyHow to Buy a Car, Save yourself thousands of dollars, and NEVER AGAIN feel like you didn’t get the BEST DEAL Possible, and in the LEAST amount of TIME.

“This page holds the links to EVERY tip I have included in this mini-course.  I hope you enjoy them and when the time comes, I look forward to helping you buy your next car.  Whether you are planning to buy a new or used car, I am here to help you…

Also, I am working on this mini-course as you read this and you will hear from me by email each time I update this page and each time I update my subscriber list with new content to this blog in general.  You can opt-out any time but hopefully you’ll NEVER want to do that :)”

Part 1: [podcast] How to save money, time and frustration.

Part 2: [podcast] How to Lease a Car and Why it Might be Better than Buying Your New Car

Part 3: [podcast] How to Trade-in Your Car and Why You’ll NEVER get what you think you should for your old car


This is The Video Portion of this course

“I’m adding to this video series all the time and will update you via email each time I add content here.”  -JohnnyT

How to Buy a Car – Video 1 – The BEST time to Shop for and Buy a Car
The best time to shop for and buy a new car is the then of a model year.  Usually this is around the fall when the old models are beginning to sell out and the new models are arriving.  Car dealerships are motivated during this time of year to make you a great car deal on the older model years.

How to Buy a Car – Video 2 – Do YOUR Research
I’ve seen this one trip people up a number of times already in my first year as a car salesman. They come back only a year or two into the ownership of their current car because they hate it and they want to get out of it. It’s often now so easy to buy a new car when you’re in this position. Watch this video for details…

How to Buy a CarVideo 3 – Don’t buy the deal, buy the car
This one is so important! But I have two videos so I’m not going to leave a long description here. Just go watch them both.For now, I have created the following podcast which covers the rest of the car buying tips in this series.  I have lots planned for this course, but cannot possible create it all at once.  The podcast will provide the remainder of core car buying tips that I consider essential for your next car buying experience.

How to Buy a Car Video 4 – Don’t Over Buy
Don’t buy more car than you need or will know how to even use.  It’s a waste…

How to Buy a Car – Video 5 – Why Kelly Blue Book is Usually Wrong and why you NEVER seem to get what you think you deserve for your trade-in.

This course has been a lot of fun for me to create as I learn more and more about the car business and have more and more success as a car salesman.  There is a lot to learn about buying and selling cars.  You only perform this task occasionally.  As a car salesman, I do it every day and sometimes, on really good days, multiple times per day.  Every car deal is unique, fun, interesting, and an opportunity for me to serve my customers better and better.  This how to buy a car mini-course is an opportunity for me to teach you what I’m learning along the way so that whether you buy a car from me, or decide to go a different route, you will be prepared and benefitting directly from the expertise I’m developing along the way.

Enjoy…and as always your feedback is most welcome.  Send you comments to the email address below my name.


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