How To Maximize Your Company’s Bottom Line…

Tune in This Friday, to “In Business with Jody and Joan” to hear my provocative interview about how corporate fitness can maximize your company’s bottom line…

The show will air on Friday at 6 PM on The Pulse – Madison 1670 AM.

How would you like to get a return of $3 for every $1
you invest? Believe it or not, that is what a good,
solid corporate fitness program can do for your

With healh care costs skyrocketing, companies are
finding that providing health benefits for their
employees can have a dramatic impact on their profit
margins. But cutting costs is not the answer…

Small investments in corporate fitness and wellness
programs can pay big dividends in the long run. And
often, the payoff is almost immediate.

Tune in this Friday, August 8th to hear the full story:

The show will air on Friday at 6 PM on The Pulse – Madison 1670 AM.

The Fitness Nomad provides corporate coaching to small
companies in Dane county who understand the impact they
can have by promoting a more healthy workplace.

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programs, you can call our studio directly at:


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