How to Setup Toyota Entune text messaging on iphone

produced by john ashworth 

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I was having trouble getting my Toyota Entune text messaging to work recently, so I consulted with one of our experts, Joanna. She helped me figure it out and helped me film this video. I hope you will find it useful. Don’t do what I did, which was make attempts to figure it out while you’re driving. Stop by the dealership and we can help too. Or, just pull over and watch this video.

Toyota Entune text messaging makes it a lot easier and safer to read your text messages when on the go in your Toyota. I love it! I especially love the sound it makes when a text message arrives. Watch the video to hear it for yourself.




6 Replies to “How to Setup Toyota Entune text messaging on iphone”

  1. Yea but, my system keeps dropping the connection. After I get it working and shut off my car it doesn’t work again. When I click the little envelope it asks me if I “ want to set up text messaging”. This is unacceptable. I use an iPhone 8 with iOS 12 and a 2015 Camry.

    Any clues as to why this is happening?

    1. Hi Pat, yes that is annoying. Might have to do with a conflict with the new IOS operating system. Not sure. You might contact your local dealer to inquire about a potential firmware update for the Entune system. Or, I think you might be able to update it yourself. You are likely not the only one with this problem and Toyota might need to come up with a solution in their next update. Good luck!

      1. John,

        Thanks from r your reply. I already did check the Toyota software update website. There is none for my system. And I am NOT about to pay a dealer t update my system. The problem existed BEFORE I updated to system 12. I just received a Bluetooth button in the mail today. Hopefully I can just rely on Siri and completely bypass the poorly designed EnTune system. Basically i’ll be using it as an amplifier for the Siri voice. Toyota needs to implement Caraplay

        1. I am also having this issue. My text messages were coming thru just fine until about 1-2 weeks ago. I’m not sure if it’s the apple update or if it’s Toyota, but there has to be a fix. I pay a pretty penny for my 4Runner and I certainly don’t feel like this should be a constant battle.

        2. Hi Pat,

          I agree with everything you’re saying. Especially the surprising fact that Toyota does not yet provide Apple CarPlay. For reasons I’ll share in a different blog post, my last two car purchases were GMCs. They both have Apple CarPlay and it’s a terrific system. Works so much more seamlessly and with the new iOS 12, the screen in the car actually reflects my favorite Google Ways app. Until then, I think we all have some homework to do to see if we can find a potential solution. Though, you will likely remain most content with your reliance on Siri. I know I do when I’m driving my wife’s 2017 Prius. A terrific car, by the way. The independent rear suspension gives the Prius a luxurious ride. The gas mileage goes without saying…

  2. I may look elsewhere for my next car purchase also. In today’s tech-heavy climate something like Apple Car Play is an important part of a car buying decision. It is beyond me as to why Touota can’t offer a simple software update to let 2015 owners like myself use Siri eyes free at least. As long as I can touch the home button on my phone I can live with what I have now.then I can use Entune to hear and answer messages. However that should not be necessary.

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