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Yes! Kind of an eclectic combination of information. That’s why they call me Johnny Renaissance. I’m just getting started here…

-John Ashworth

Here’s what people are saying about John and The Ash Flash

“Hey John, The Ash Flash is a great read!” -Kevin

“When you interact with John Ashworth you will never find anyone more passionate about his work. Either in selling cars or your health. John truly does care about all individuals that he has helped.”
-Dan Lease on Linkedin

“John is on another level of enthusiasm and engagement. I am lucky to be working with him. He is an extremely savvy consumer and helps provide feedback and suggestions that no one else has ever given before. Our goal is to make our product better and give our clients the best experience possible. It’s people like John who make that possible. Thank you John for your never-ending work ethic and your valuable partnership!”
-Katie Foltz on Linkedin

“Not only did I not find a car I liked better for the price and options I wanted, I was exhausted with how long it took and also didn’t feel nearly as comfortable with some of the other salespeople I encountered as compared to my experience with John. Simply put, he is very knowledgeable, honest, concise, not pushy, and made leasing my car easy. And, I love my new Toyota Camry!”
-Bonnie Manley on Linkedin

“As a young professional learning the Fitness Industry I was very impressed by John’s vision. His background working in clinical environments and being a collegiate athlete gives him a unique ability to work with anyone looking to improve their lifestyle. John is a true coach that helps his clients in more areas than just fitness.”
-Mike Johnson on Linkedin