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About The Ash Flash

A good life and business strategy is to watch closely what everyone else is doing, and then just go out and do the exact opposite.  The human race has one terrible flaw.  They move and are influenced to a great degree by the herd, in spite of the facts.  What your decisions should rely on are the facts, and when necessary, your own gut instinct, which will come from your immersion in the facts.  When you do this, you will very often find that you are lonely, but content.

Inside this life and business blog you will have the opportunity to venture beyond the commonplace and discover unique insights that will inspire you for life and help you grow your business.

Ideas are what truly fascinate me.

Back in 2014, I had the audacity to consider the idea of leaving a twenty plus year career as a fitness professional. This appealed to my adventurous spirit and allowed me to pursue a totally new career as a salesman, video personality, and marketing maniac.

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My current position at Frazer Consultants is a beautiful combination of all my best talents. I am always willing to explore new territory, and through my work at Frazer, I’m doing just that, where we help funeral directors re-imagine the funeral experience for their client families.

An interesting thing happens when you’re willing to take a leap in your life. You often land in unexpected places. Places that often bring out the best in you. In my work thus far with Frazer, I’ve become more present with my mortality. What I’ve discovered in this process is the exact opposite of what you might expect.

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