YES! The rumors are true…John Ashworth, aka “Johnny Renaissance” is NOW at Mad City Mitsubishi

I know…you’ve seen mad city mitsubishi ads on TV and are now wondering whether or not I may have lost my mind.

Of course, you might also admit that you secretly enjoy those ads, at least for their entertainment value.

…and my bet would be that you even know the phone number for this whacky place.  Can you think of it? If you’re reading this, you are also probably a lot like my wife who won’t come near this place even for the free food on Saturdays.

“Oh those ads…” she says. ”  “John…”

“I don’t even want to know more about that place yet, John. Just go to work, make your living, and keep providing. I’ll watch from a distance. A very good distance. At least for now…”

The interesting thing about this transformation for me is that I’ve NEVER felt more at home in the car business. I’ve NEVER felt more welcomed. Really, I have not felt this good about a job since my time working as a clinical exercise physiologist for Dr Dean Ornish back in San Francisco. That’s an important and tough realization for me. Because it forces me to question almost everything else I’ve done in my career and in my life until now.  It forces me to question whether or not I’ve really been true to myself all these years.

How did I miss this?

Well, that’s probably being slightly too hard on myself, but at the same time, I would tell you that directly as a result of not being completely true with myself about who I am, what I can do, what I’m passionate about, and how much I love to help people, and how little I like to take direction from Big Brother, I made some unfortunate decisions about where to begin my journey in the car business. I’m not filled with regret, and I’m still grateful for the experience I’ve had to date, but more importantly, I’m now also full of insights since I started here at Mad City Mitsubishi. Insights that lead me to believe that of all the places in the world where I could have ended up, where I really needed to end up was here.

There is so much more to this story, but I don’t have time this morning.  It’s busy here already on a Wednesday morning and before long, I’ll be called to take care of the next customer that comes though the door. Because those television ads really do work, you see.  That’s the brilliance of this little place.  The business systems that exist here are first rate, and the constant stream of new customers and new business takes a much more focused approach each day, which just makes us better and better at what we do to maintain our important status in the community as a “Dealer for the People.”

You might find that last phrase somewhat bloated with hyperbole, or silly, or meaningless. Let me assure you after a little more than a week in this new environment that we take pride in our commitment to being a Dealer for The People.  Especially if you have credit challenges, and even if you don’t, we will treat you with the respect you deserve when you come to buy a car.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to this story. It’s gonna be a good one!

-John Ashworth, aka “Johnny Renaissance”

PS Three years ago I made my leap in to the car business and left a career in the fitness business as a clinical exercise physiologist and fitness coach where I had more than twenty years tenure. Officially, with this inaugural blog post at Mad City, I officially leave that career behind and through this new blog at plan to bring you something truly unique in the car business – Freak Insights from a Madison Car Salesman 🙂



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