I discovered a valuable Insight today recording voiceovers in the Pillow Fort…

recording voiceovers
Recording voiceovers in the pillow fort today. The pillow fort is awesome! -John 🙂

This set-up actually works very well.  I thought it might give you a few ideas if you’re working without a professional studio like we are.  The bottom was made by Jenny here at work, our videographer and fellow multi-media specialist.  Recording voiceovers can be a very interesting process.  You might think it boring, but I can tell you that when you insist on getting them right, there is a lot more to it than you might think.

Take the word applicable, for example…

When that word shows up as you read your script, it can feel like a mountain to overcome.  Try saying it out load in the context of a long sentence and you’ll see what I mean.  To get it to work, you really have to slow your mind down, not race ahead, and focus your attention in each syllable while you annunciate it.  Actually, it feels like a weird combination of anticipated focus.

How can you apply this kind of presence to what you’re doing right now?  Are you racing ahead and letting the present fall apart.  Letting a future that does not exist degrade your mojo today?

Stop.  Focus.  Annunciate.  Your legacy is being recorded…

Click here for the podcast I created on this subject.



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