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from: john c ashworth

Life works in mysterious ways

Suddenly I find myself in a brand new industry.
A brand new and amazing environment.
Feeling fulfilled and amazed.

Still your modern day renaissance man and video personality.
But transported into a new realm of possibility.
Feeling energized and hopeful.
My talents brightened.

Watch the video below and discover the shift I elude to.
How I am following my bliss.
How I have transformed.
How I am blessed.

The Reinvention of John Ashworth, aka Johnny Renaissance in 2018

In January of 2018 I walked away from the car business. The decision felt similar to that final seen in the movie, ‘Car Dogs.’ If you haven’t seen it, it’s fairly entertaining, and is a pretty good depiction of the inside story of the car business. Don’t get me wrong, the car business was certainly good to me in many ways, and there are many great salesman there.  I do miss the day to day action and interaction with so many different kinds of people, both customers and colleagues. I don’t miss clearing snow, difficult sales managers, big brother, and the day to day adventure of earning my living on a 100% commission basis.

I feel extremely fortunate for my opportunity at Frazer Consultants and am looking forward to the next phase of my career as a salesman, media personality, and marketing leader.

I continue to post regularly here to my personal blog, including sharing the innovative stuff we are doing at Frazer Consultants.  Including new insights I’m gaining in another brand new industry for me.

And of course, my passion for video and YouTube will NEVER die :).  Click here to access my YouTube Channel.


This blog is under Reinvention for 2018…stay tuned..
For some of my latest videos with Frazer Consultants, Click Here!

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