[obituary] Susan B. Anthony obituary, Temperance Fighter | Legacy.com

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, I thought this Susan B Anthony Obituary was a good one to feature.  Honestly, until I read this,  she was the women honored on the one dollar coin and that was really all I knew…


Susan B. Anthony was a leader in the women’s suffrage movement, and it was this work for women’s rights that brought her the honor of being pictured on U.S. currency and postage stamps.But Anthony wasn’t a single-issue activist. Less famous, but no less important to her, was her work promoting stronger liquor laws through the temperance movement. As she worked on this issue, it helped shape and inform her later involvement in other social reform movements like women’s suffrage. In honor of the 105th anniversary of Susan B. Anthony’s death, we spotlight her fight for temperance.

Source: Susan B. Anthony, Temperance Fighter | Legacy.com



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