You don’t always need to do the new thing to make more sales…

written by john c ashworth

Most small business owners do not need new invention or new opportunity for the making of new fortunes. That’s because most business owners are still not very good at capitalizing on the opportunities that are right in front of them. They are often distracted, over-worked, and much more excited about chasing the new shiny thing then in digging into the dirt of developing the opportunities that are very often right in front of them.

Take your house list as one simple example.

Are you sending a regular email and print newsletter?

It’s possible you’re doing the former and very likely not the latter. The two combined and done in the right way and committed to over time can exponentially increase your sales.

Expert copywriting is the key.

Think it’s not possible?

Try it.

Or give me a chance, and I’ll show you how. I’m so confident I can make it happen for you, that I’ll do it for free in exchange for royalties on the sales I produce for you.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t always be looking for the slight edge in the form of new things you can leverage for better results. But I encourage you to start with the fundamentals of great copywriting and cultivation of your house list and then expand outward from there.


Are You Treating This Important Sales Tool As Trivial? | Small Business Marketing Resources |

Personally, I love the PS and find it to be an important sales tool. They are also a lot of fun to write. Most don’t use them and miss an opportunity. I’ve had customers and prospects ask me why in the heck I’m bothering with a PS.

“Because you’re reading it!” 🙂


The other day I read someone’s definition of a “post scriptum” commonly referred to as a “P.S.”  The author, trying to educate others, described the P.S. as “generally containing information which is trivial.” To be frank, I found his explanation rather trivial…

Source: Are You Treating This Important Sales Tool As Trivial? | Small Business Marketing Resources |