Disney Animator Illustrates Life With Two Children After His Wife Dies


Keeping a diary is a common and therapeutic habit, allowing an order to the cluttered thoughts and emotions that occur throughout our daily lives. Naturally, if you are an animator, your diary can take on a visual format to become a “doodle diary.” This is what former Disney illustrator Gary Andrews started doing on his 54th birthday, as a happily married father-of-two, documenting the joy of family life with his beautiful wife and children. Sadly, tragedy was to strike and Gary would become a widower and a single parent within 3 years.

Source: Disney Animator Illustrates Life With Two Children After His Wife Dies

Here’s what happens when you start talking about death

talking about death

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

An interesting thing happens when you start too talk openly about death.
To sit with its overwhelming presence.
To let it in. To hold it.
To harness its power.

Three months ago I started talking more about death.
I started a job that demanded I face death.
At Frazer, we serve funeral directors.
So they can serve their communities.
With compassion, empathy, and love.
Devoted to their work 24/7.

You might initially think this a depressing subject.
But here’s the interesting thing that happens.
This focus allows you to shine a light on life.
A beacon of presence emerges.
You begin to honor every moment.
With the respect it deserves.
The humility it holds.
The presence.

The unending reality of death is unavoidable.
This reality can be very overwhelming.
You are here now, and then maybe not.
What would you leave behind?
What might be your legacy?
Your gifts for humankind.
Your touchpoints.
Your lessons.

Do you see what I mean?
When you’re willing to accept it?
Death, I mean…as our never ending reality?
It lives with you. Connecting your destiny.
With all whom you connect and touch in your life.
Leaving you full of motivation.
To really live your life.
To be present.
To Love.


This is an inspiring and I think hopeful note about grief and grieving…

what is grief and grieving

Grief and grieving is experienced in varying ways by all of us.  I thought the explanation below was a nice statement about how each grief journey is unique, but that all of this work is rooted in love.  -John

grief and grieving

Each person’s grief journey is unique.  Spending time and energy working on your grief will provide you with a wonderful outcome of love, and a newly defined relationship with the one your lost…