Four Simple Questions that will change YOUR Life Right Now

Four Simple Questions that will change YOUR Life right now

written by john c ashworth

This is a simple exercise today and yet one that could change the trajectory of your life significantly forever. I mention this all the time, but this is what the ash flash is truly about…one simple piece of information or inspiration on any given day that has the potential to inspire and inform you in some unique way that changes your life and career for the better forever.

Here are the four questions I have for you today. Don’t underestimate their power.

  1. Why?
  2. Why Not?
  3. Why not YOU?
  4. Why not Now?

The thing I love about these four simple questions is that you can very likely apply them right now to almost anything you are currently contemplating, holding onto, unwilling to let go of, or otherwise making no meaningful progress on.

STOP everything right now.

Ask yourself these four simple questions, and then spend some time free-writing about them and you will likely discover that the only thing holding you back right now is YOU.


Oprah Winfrey Commencement Speech 2020 – this is just awesome!

oprah winfrey commencement speech

Oprah Winfrey Commencement Speech 2020 – this is just awesome! Not just for graduates. This message is for all of us…

What will YOUR essential service be?

shared by john c ashworth

congratulations to my niece, Ashley McEwen, on her graduate degree.

go get ’em girl!


I love nurses
my favorite nurse . what will your essential service be? -photograph by john c ashworth

[video] Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail…

emerson quote

written by john c ashworth

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -emmerson

That’s a quote by Emerson and it’s my favorite one of all time.

My wife of 25 years shared it with me on a card when I opened my fitness studio back in 2006 and then worked like hell to keep from losing everything I had when the great recession hit in 2008. I made it out and with a large duffel bag full of wisdom that I share with you one post at a time here on the ash flash each week.

There’s NEVER been another more relevant time than now to embrace this idea.

What path will you blaze for yourself as we move through a new and life-altering era?

*Note: there is a VERY VERY important message about how to relate to your small business marketing at minute 5 in this video. Be sure to at least watch that part!

Godspeed to you, my friend and thanks for being here. -John

Spring takes on a new meaning this year…

written by john c ashworth

Inside the thicket of a deadly pandemic, life outside in nature seems all the more subtly determined to affirm the resilience of life.

Just outside my home office window, sitting patiently and steadfast all winter long, a now medium-sized bush sits much more tolerant than I of warmer weather that seems reluctant this year. Looking in that very same direction at night shortly after the sun sets, I can also now see Venus hanging low and brilliant in the sky, beckoning my spirit in a way that is seductive and that I don’t fully understand. A reverent calling from the universe that will always remain a mystery and that somehow, when I spend time soaking in the sun’s reflection from its surface, beckons my understanding at the same time.

The bush outside my window will fill-in quickly as soon as warmer weather shows it’s face. Blocking my view and making me feel shrouded in a summer darkness that is out there and that seems so unfair after all we’ve been through thus far. And yet, I yearn for its engulfing presence, because when all of it’s potential has finally arrived, it represents something far greater than self. Similar to that presence of Venus that has somehow transfixed my place in the universe either momentarily or forever. I still can’t tell.

The juxtaposition of that bush during the day and my vision of Venus at night, though, somehow keep me hopeful about the future and all that it holds for me, for you, for my family, and for my own selfish pursuit of passions and purpose that I’m learning to follow with a great deal more grace, purpose, and humility.

Venus is my beacon.

Venus holds my light for the world.

Venus is my talisman for embracing humility.

Time will continue to march like a soldier toward graduation. Dutifully making it’s way along. A solute to the natural order of things. Holding service and sacrifice and humility in ways that that I can only hope to muster enough courage to honor.

Long ago, the seed of my existence entered this world, and until now, nothing felt as real as it does at this moment. Nothing as sacred as a quiet cup of coffee in the morning, a good stretch, and a magnificent day ahead of me during which I will spend more time embracing the solitude of reality than before. An authenticity that can only come through loss and trials that try our souls.

One moment at a time I will let go, and then commit myself to the one I’m in, while gently preparing myself for the one that comes next; and this time I will heed the promise to hold more closely to the light of the universe that feeds us all.