Every single one of us is fighting a great battle

written by john c ashworth

Every single one of us is fighting a great battle

Earlier this year, Gloria Vanderbilt died, and as I’ve committed myself to do, I read at least one really good article about the deceased and their unique story. Every single time, I am rewarded with inspiring stories, ideas, legacies and sometimes just a few words that have a profound affect on my daily life.

Of course, you could spend the entire year reading about each individual and diving deep into their histories and the legacies they have left behind for us, but that’s just not possible, so I stick with my one article commitment and read about those individuals that are intriguing to me in some way or another.

There is one simple idea that Gloria Venerbilt left with us and that resonated with me completely. It is this…

“Every single person you meet is fighting a great battle. So, be kind.”

On the surface, this seems a simple idea. One that should be easy to implement.

And yet…

We so often get busy with our own ideas. Our own agendas. Our own belief systems and positions. We get so busy moving forward that we forget to stop, breathe, reflect, and just be present. Be kind.

More importantly, we forget that every human connection we make on a daily basis is beautiful in its own way. Even the tough ones that make you silly with sarcasm and sardonic behavior.

In the midst of all this we forget completely the battles others face, because we ourselves are fighting so hard to keep from falling apart.

Stop yourself and listen.

Pay close attention to those with whom you come in contact each day. Plug-in to the universal truth that we are all connected in some way. The more present you can be with that idea, the more connected and powerful we become.


Oh, how life taunts us with destiny…

your legacy lives on

Life is funny that way, you know?
The way it laughs at your plans.
Taunts you with destiny.
Even mocks you.

Enough time goes by, though, and your perspective changes.
You begin to see life for what it truly is.
A beautiful journey with no real destination.
A series of moments strung together.
The majority of which go missing.
Forgotten challenges.

What you truly end up with is a bucket full of wisdom.
A presence with yourself that’s exhilarating.
Because it brings you right to the stage.
Like a magician with only one trick.
A pocket full of coins.
A bag of riches.
True wealth.

The kind of wealth you can only pass on while you’re still here.
Preserving your legacy and inspiring the groundwork of others.
Handing those coins out one by one.
Until they’re gone.
Until you’re gone.

Then your legacy lives on for as long as it can.
Inspiring people you never knew.
Inspiring your love.
Your life.