It’s a mistake to become too predictable…

My family thinks I’m a little weird and that’s OK. They love me anyway. My customers? Prospects? The people I work with every day?

Well, you’d have to ask them personally, but I believe they get the sense I’m a little different too.

Why is this important?

Because it makes you more memorable. It makes you more interesting. It makes people want to pay a little closer attention to what you may or may not do next.

It takes a little courage to be this unique. When you put yourself out there like this, you won’t always impress everyone.

That’s the idea, you see…

To NOT impress and resonate with EVERYONE all the time. If that’s what you’re trying to do right now you really need to stop, because in reality, you’ll impress no one this way. You’ll get lost in the middle.  The idea is to impress, attract and build stronger and stronger bonds with those who will love you anyway.  Those who will love you because you are weird, different, and interesting and a real expert at what you do. An invaluable resource to your customers; and the people you serve.

The number one rule in marketing is NEVER to be boring.

Pay close attention…

Businesses break this rule every single day!


Are You Treating This Important Sales Tool As Trivial? | Small Business Marketing Resources |

Personally, I love the PS and find it to be an important sales tool. They are also a lot of fun to write. Most don’t use them and miss an opportunity. I’ve had customers and prospects ask me why in the heck I’m bothering with a PS.

“Because you’re reading it!” 🙂


The other day I read someone’s definition of a “post scriptum” commonly referred to as a “P.S.”  The author, trying to educate others, described the P.S. as “generally containing information which is trivial.” To be frank, I found his explanation rather trivial…

Source: Are You Treating This Important Sales Tool As Trivial? | Small Business Marketing Resources |

This is awesome. Girl power!

This is #awesome! #girl #power

Credit for the photo goes to my wife, Laura.

There is something about this image that just resonates with me. Brawny was always the go to paper towel brand for my Dad in his window cleaning business. And I have to agree they are terrific.

It’s just cool to see that old familiar manly brand image challenged in this way.


How great content can help you build your legacy and your business

old school typewriter

Great content for your blog, your website, facebook, twitter, instagram, and anywhere else you might be sharing your messaging takes meticulous effort, time, careful thought and an on-going commitment to the process. One of my main focuses for 2019 is on more writing and it’s amazing every day how easy it is to let this discipline slip behind other seemingly more important priorities.

The problem is that most often, the content you create today does not produce an immediate result when measured in new customers or new money in your business. Over time, and in aggregate, however, these posts and this commitment tells your story. Helps you build your legacy. Something that is true and lasting, and to which your fans begin to form a strong affinity.

Slowly, over time, this affinity builds a following that drives interest and engagement and eventually, you have a powerful and effective platform on which to deliver your story and your messaging in a way that not only helps your business grow, but that affects people’s lives in positive and powerful ways.

Time to get after it!


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