Here at Mad City Mitsubishi, we BELIEVE in YOUR future, not YOUR past…

written by john c ashworth
trusted advisor at Mad City Mitsubishi


Probably the hardest thing I do as a car salesmen happens within the first 20 seconds to five minutes with a new customer.  That’s when their defenses are at their peak, and where many times, the wall they have built to protect themselves, is at its highest point. One wrong movement.  One wrong phrase.  One wrong display of body language, and that wall becomes insurmountable for good.  While one careful step at a time, I begin the work of removing one brick at a time.  Careful not to remove them in the wrong order.  Because again, If I should attempt to remove the wrong brick at the wrong time, the wall comes down on top of me, and I may or may not have the opportunity to dig myself out.

Fortunately, I’ve gotten better and better at dismantling these walls over the years.  I’m also fairly good at it.  No where has this been more challenging, however, than at Mad City Mitsubishi, which is a local Madison car dealership that specializes in getting you financed for a car when no one else can.  We believe in you.  The problem is that this is hard to believe when you’ve been treated a certain not so pleasant way everywhere else you go.

Here are a couple quick stories from yesterday that illustrate my point.  The couple I sold a car to yesterday evening told me that everywhere else they went to buy a car, the salesperson spoke only to the man and not the woman.  In spite of the fact that the car being purchased was for her and not for him.  By the time they got here, maybe the 6th place they tried, why would they believe anything would be any different?

Of course, it was, and we sold them a car and changed their lives.  But in the first 5-15 minutes of the interaction, the outcome could have just as likely gone the other way.

Another customer and his wife had been totally and completely duped by their last dealer – in the amount of nine thousand dollars!  “We can’t afford a lawyer.”  they admitted.  “So we just had to take it.”  And now, here they were, a few years down the line, attempting to make another car deal, and with the same bad taste in their mouth.  They even asked the general manager flat out, “Are we going to get ripped off like we did the last time?”

To be successful as a car salesman in this environment takes a lot of skill, passion, and understanding.  And that’s what we do every day.


Because we believe in your future and not your past…