[video] How to Double YOUR Energy level this afternoon!

I put this video up on my YouTube channel over the winter, and as I was going through potential drafts for a good blog post today, I thought this might be a good one. My time is limited and I gotta get moving so that I can get to work on time.

There are a few really good insights here if you have the time.

One of the primary bits is the idea of taking time during your lunch hour to go swim.

I started swimming regularly almost 10 years ago now and I’ve been amazed at what this discipline has done for my body, my back, my mind, and my overall strength from head to toe.

I hope you enjoy it!

Have a great day.


It’s a mistake to become too predictable…

My family thinks I’m a little weird and that’s OK. They love me anyway. My customers? Prospects? The people I work with every day?

Well, you’d have to ask them personally, but I believe they get the sense I’m a little different too.

Why is this important?

Because it makes you more memorable. It makes you more interesting. It makes people want to pay a little closer attention to what you may or may not do next.

It takes a little courage to be this unique. When you put yourself out there like this, you won’t always impress everyone.

That’s the idea, you see…

To NOT impress and resonate with EVERYONE all the time. If that’s what you’re trying to do right now you really need to stop, because in reality, you’ll impress no one this way. You’ll get lost in the middle.  The idea is to impress, attract and build stronger and stronger bonds with those who will love you anyway.  Those who will love you because you are weird, different, and interesting and a real expert at what you do. An invaluable resource to your customers; and the people you serve.

The number one rule in marketing is NEVER to be boring.

Pay close attention…

Businesses break this rule every single day!


What if EVERY Day could be Like Sunday?


What if every day could be like Sunday?
written by john c ashworth

An early rise. Lots of good coffee. A trip to the pool. A beautiful World Cup Final at 10 AM. Ample time spent near a pile of books and newsletters feeding the creative mojo. Lunch, a nap, a nice evening with family and preparation for an early bed time and ready for action on Monday. Not bad. A fitting end to the week, and a ferocious start to the next.

By the time you read this, the World Cup Final will be over. The most important result being that if you were there, you were a part of the most collective experience we can have as human beings living on the planet earth. Pretty cool. If you were there, it was great to be a part of it with you. If not, well…maybe next time. We missed you.

Why am I here today? I’ll get to it right now.

Every day can’t be like Sunday. You need the balance. You need to get to work. You need to remain disciplined. Follow your bliss, and track your numbers. Stay on the path to your goals. Relaxing, drinking coffee, reading, and filling the tank. These are important too. But every day? Forget obout it. Get to it. What actions do you need to take today? And if you don’t know, then you need to back up and start there. Where are you trying to get to? Now back-up from there and identify the yearly, monthly, weekly, and day to day actions that will get you there. Go!

Today, filling the tank and fostering Mojo is my thing. An important thing. A thing that keeps me going. Even when it all gets so frickin’ tough at times. Very much like those world class athletes we watched today. They NEVER give in. They DO NOT give up. They keep going. Keep running. Keep tackling, heading and fighting. Until the game is over. They recover, and the whole process starts over again.

What’s next?


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