YouTube Celebrity Emily Hartridge is Dead following Electric Scooter Accident in London (1984-2019)

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Died: July 12, 2019 (Who else died on July 12?)

Details of death: Died in London in an electric scooter accident at the age of 35.

Is there someone you miss whose memory should be honored? Here are some ways.

Hartridge on the genesis of her “10 Reasons Why” series: “I was having a bad time—I had no TV work and I had just been dumped. One day I was on a bus and saw a young boy who looked happy and I felt jealous, so I went home and made a video called 10 Reasons Why I Wish I Was 12 Again and posted it on YouTube.” —from a 2014 interview with Metro

[obituary] Dan Robbins, Artist who created first paint-by-numbers pictures dies at 93 – The Washington Post

TOLEDO, Ohio — Dan Robbins, an artist who created the first paint-by-numbers pictures and helped turn the kits into an American sensation during the 1950s, has died. He was 93.

Source: Artist who created first paint-by-numbers pictures dies – The Washington Post

There are two things I love about Dan Robbins’ story…

His work was initially dismissed by most critics and then
celebrated by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History (The Washington Post). In other words, he was ahead of his time and ignored the critics.

While most are content to idle at comfortable RPMs in their work, Dan Robbins found a way to elevate his Daly work and inspire something unique that has helped create slices of Americana that are still collected and are found framed in homes across the nation. Palmer still sells at least two kits: one remembering the Sept. 11 attacks and the other depicting the Last Supper (The Washington Post).

One more interesting note

Sales quickly took off and peaked at 20 million in 1955. Not bad.

So, I have a question for you, and I’ve asked myself the same one after reading Don Robbins’ story.

Which 20 million dollar idea are you working on right now? An idea that, like this one, is likely something old school and proven, yet somehow forgotten.


Dan Jenkins, 90, Chronicler of Sports in Raucous Prose, Dies – The New York Times

Dan Jenkin Dies and his daughter speaks to his legacy

In addition to the New York Times OBIT linked to below, I read another great article in The Washington Post about Dan written by his daughter.  I especially love her statement about fatherhood…


“So here’s the deal if you want a recipe for father worship, if you want kids who, when you are dying in the hospital, will race at 60 mph across town in search of the grape Popsicle you requested, just to please you one more time. Take your little girl or boy everywhere with you, even into bars. Do small, harmless things with them you shouldn’t, let them off easy and end every conversation with a laugh. But give them your God’s honest truth about what matters, and let them see you work.”

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…as reported in The New York Times

Dan Jenkins, a sportswriter whose rollicking irreverence enlivened Sports Illustrated’s pages for nearly 25 years and animated several novels, including “Semi-Tough,” a sendup of the steroidal appetites, attitudes and hype in pro football that became a classic of sports lit, died on Thursday in Fort Worth. He was 90.

Source: Dan Jenkins, 90, Chronicler of Sports in Raucous Prose, Dies – The New York Times