How to make better decisions, earn more money, and increase your confidence.

written by john c ashworth

How to make better decisions, earn more money, and increase your confidence.

Think Different.

A marketing slogan initially created by Steve Jobs that was brilliant and that represents the fundamental shift most people need to make when they want to achieve MORE and get better results.

Changing your thinking, however, is not always that easy. Most of us discover as we get older and wiser that unhitching ourselves from engrained belief systems is hard and often very uncomfortable.

Or, we discover that choosing a new way of thinking and acting can be fun and exciting at first, but that it’s all too easy to quickly go running back to the old way of doing things when the new way feels so unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and scary.

The truth is that if you want to achieve MORE, Be MORE, and Earn MORE money, YOU need to start thinking differently MORE of the time. Doing things the same way you’ve always done and expecting different results is a common and silly form of denial.

Change is hard because transformation takes great courage. In this case, the courage to explore new ways of thinking and acting that will make you feel uncomfortable and force you into new territory. Often very uncomfortable territory.

That’s OK. But you have to be ready for it. Otherwise, what happens is that we make changes, start to think differently, and quickly realize that we have walked into the room naked and afraid. Vulnerable. Suddenly, our survival instincts tell us that the easiest thing to do is to run back into the other room and put all of our old clothes back on as quickly as possible.

Yes. In the short run, that will alleviate the feeling and fear of being exposed; and ultimately make you feel more safe.

But safe from what?

I’ll finish with a quick example of what I’m referring to here.

Most small business owners spend the majority of their time trying to manage their businesses and the people that work for them. That’s their job, of course.

The problem is that when problems and challenges arise inside the business, owners often don’t take a close enough look at what they might be able to do or change personally that would help them correct their course.

Try spending a little more time focused on managing yourself and not others, and you will very likely discover that with a little humility, open-mindedness and honesty, you will be able to find the courage to admit you’re wrong about stuff and correct your course.

Try spending some time managing yourself, your bad habits, your compulsions, your environment, and everything else that has the potential to negatively influence your personal growth, and by extension, your business. This presence will help you make better decisions that lead to more personal growth and MORE income.


PS One of the best ways to begin this process of better managing yourself is through regular exercise. Not only will regular exercise bring you more energy and more clarity, but the simple act of deciding to commit to it day to day will force you to take a much closer look at how you’re managing yourself in general. This is why so few people re able to make it happen. It requires a little more than good spandex and a fancy watch.

Are you tough enough to love?

written by john c ashworth

…when all of the static of our self-righteousness dies down; love is all that remains between good people.

Each and every moment has the potential for an eternity of happiness.

Each and every moment grants us the opportunity to anneal our soul through a steady process of melting our ambitions with intense heat, and then having the patience to allow ourselves to cool slowly in order to remove imperfections and toughen our resolve so that we might embrace these truths, grow, heal, and realize our fullest potential.


Master your craft. Avoid complacency. Take Action.

written by john c ashworth

Competency is NOT enough. That’s why “Good is so often the enemy of Great.” There is great danger in complacency because once you find yourself living with this mindset, and working daily to justify your choice, change is hard to consider with an open mind. Maybe even impossible.

If you’re not careful, YOUR belief systems will tie you down, hold you back and keep you on a very short leash. Preventing progress.

The results can be devastating, not only for your business but for your life in general.

Sometimes, it leads to a statement like the one I heard yesterday that I believe represents an example of your mind as slayer of your dreams and aspirations.

“I have no desire to learn anything more.”

This comment came from a prospective customer with very little understanding about how to build and cultivate a presence and message online that can help your business grow exponentially.

The opposite of this unfortunate stance, of course, is to embrace the idea of mastering your craft as well as the marketing efforts that will help you share your gifts. It’s clear you’ve already adopted this mindset. You’re here reading this article. The title drew you in for a reason.

In order to master your craft, though, daily action is still vital. YOU MUST always be taking steps to improve, learn, grow, and thrive.

Nothing can happen until you decide to move forward.

Nothing happens, and nothing changes until you take action.

Still, there is likely something you’ve been putting off. A project or pursuit of some kind that very likely has the potential to catapulte your personal or business growth or both.

If only you could find the time…

I realize the timing for your next endeavor for growth might not feel quite right. And it might not be. But what if you just started? What might happen next?

Yes! Your choice might feel like a bigger project than you want to tackle right now. But if it’s the right one, what other things might you choose to move out of the way or off your list entirely once this new and important thing is put in motion.

YOU MUST embrace the belief that starting is that which is most important, and trust that once in motion, you’ll remain committed to following thought – even if it’s just a little at a time. Because once you do this, and once the thing that’s important for you to start today is done, you will likely have an extremely valuable and potentially life-altering asset for your personal and business growth. And very often, completion will come a lot sooner than you anticipated.

Are you Ready?

You may now commence without equivocation.

I’ll wait patiently for your success story 🙂


PS I want to leave you with one more keen insight into this idea. It has to do with the difference between Mastery and Competence and what it truly means to be a master of your craft.

Being competent means you can do the work at high standards.

When you work to become a master, you are on the path to inventing the next level of your work, your life, and your business. This makes you a lot more attractive to better clients, customers, friends, and colleagues.

…my daily walks are an excellent source of inspiration and connection with the ideas and knottiness of my craft that matter to me the most. -john c ashworth

The Ash Flash – Aug 2018 #1

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The Ash Flash – ezine edition
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Table of Contents: A simple set of actions that have great potential for YOU.
1.  How to find your strengths
2.  Why I love being a salesman – and what YOU can learn from this
3.  How to negotiate and win!

1. How to find your strengths

As defined by ‘StrengthsFinder‘ and a variety of other assessments I’ve performed over the years, one of my five strongest characteristics is that of a ‘Learner.’ I have a great desire to Larn and ton continue to Grow. As my friend Dave Dubail from The Dubail Fitness Institute always says, “If you’re not growing, YOu’re dying. Keep up the great work, Dave! I miss you, brother.

Maintaining an intellectual status quo is simply unacceptable to me. As it should be to you, and that’s probably at least part of the reason you’re hear today, reading this. The point is that I am now sharing this knowledge and wisdom on a regular basis inside The Ash Flash. But I’m not giving this information away to the public anymore. You will have to subscribe to read great and resourceful articles like this one. Click here to join the tribe now!

Lastly, I encourage you to take your own strengths-finder assessment. I found it extremely useful when I did it and the report you gain from your participation will give you some great personal feedback and plenty of fodder for writing your bio or resume or maybe updating your Linkedin Profile.

Use this link for the Strengths-finder Assessment tool: (

It was FREE back when I originally did it. Now, you need to invest between $20-50 bucks. Still well worth it. Money very well spent.

2. Why I love being a salesman & what YOU can Learn from this.

It’s the people, really. The relationships. The ability to change someone’s life for the better by helping them buy cool and innovative products that enhance their lives. But when it is all done. The purchase made. The excitement long gone.  What is left? Usually nothing if you operate like the average salesman. Just as an example, I’ve purchased two cars now from one salesman at one dealership and have received NO follow-up of any kind. NONE! That’s missing the point. Not just the point that staying in touch is good business practice, but the larger point which is that if we have something good going, and I’ve purchased stuff from you, YOU have an opportunity to build a lasting relationship that will continue to be more and more profitable for both of us. Your customers are the reason you go to work every day. The more you serve and with greater effectiveness, more value, and more efficiently and effectively, the more money you will make by default. Why are you passing on this opportunity?

And again, the money becomes secondary to the relationships. Those are what last and create lasting profitability. Don’t lose site of this. Put the time and attention into this reality. The more you do, the better your business as a salesperson will run, and the more profit you will create.

3. How to negotiate and Win!

That’s really what a car deal, or any other kind of business deal is all about in the end. How to negotiate and win. In fact, one of the first things I learned when selling cars was the importance of making the customer feel like they had ‘Won’ the negotiation. Car deals are about winning. Just like life. It’s good to get used to that idea.

The real secret to ANY negotiation is in your PERSISTANCE.

Just like anything else in life, I suppose. I have a personal story that illustrates this point beautifully.

If you had the opportunity, the action that would likely help you the most when it comes to learning to negotiate, would be to come practice negotiating with my daughter. She’s fierce. I mean fierce. Beyond persistent. Relentless. She’ll make either a great car salesperson or lawyer someday. I’m sure of it. She has taught me things about persistance. Both with her ability negotiate and her ability to stay focused on what she wants and to then do whatever it takes to get it.

The thing that makes her so good is that she is literally relentless. She will NOT STOP until she either has what she wanted in the first place, or knows for sure that she has worked as hard as possible and completely exhausted her position, and as a result, can be sure she gained all the ground she could.  She can be certain of this because of her persistance.

She works every single deal so friggin’ hard. Pick-up times. More gum. More soda. More ice cream. More time on her phone. You name the battlefield and she will be there. Showing up first, establishing her position, and fighting until she has forced you to concede as much as she believes you are willing to give, and then a little more.

Now, there’s more to a business deal than just persistance, but if I could only share one tip with you. One strategy. One way you should be in order to maximize your success and your savings on a car deal or any other kind of business deal, persistance would be my go to weapon for all warriors.

The problem is that persistence is exhausting, and sometimes very uncomfortable and often annoying and off-putting to most people. As a result, in the car business I watched people give up early and justify what they got as a good deal no matter what, because they got battle fatigue. They got tired and chose NOT to go on.

Let me make this clear…

To get the most savings possible on your next car deal, you’re going to have to put on your battle fatigues and get to work. Be ready for the fight. Be courteous. Be respectful. Be persistent. Be suspicious. Be cautious. Be informed. Most importantly of all…Be Persistent.


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[video] Discover why over committing is the fastest path to personal growth…


produced by john ashworth, ma

As a coach for more than twenty years, I’ve been committed to the personal growth of both my clients and myself for a long time, and through this work, I can tell you that one truth stands clear above all the rest.  The reality that until you challenge yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, you will not grow and become a stronger human being.

Watch this short 3 minute video where I elaborate on this topic and reveal something I stole so that I could bring this inspiration to you today…

Personal growth is tough work, because all progress demands that you rise above yourself and the competition.  Don’t run away from life when it gets difficult.

If you can’t get out of it, get into it…