Do you have a customer reactivation campaign in place?

written by john c ashworth

Do you have a customer reactivation campaign in place?

I’m assuming you don’t, because most small businesses tend to ignore this idea, it’s time to put one in place. In fact, I consider this one of your marketing staples.


Because just like so many other things I talk about here on this blog, there exists potential opportunity here for new business that will cost you a lot less than your efforts to obtain brand new customers.

When I was running my fitness business, I developed a beautiful little three-step direct-response mail campaign designed specifically to deliver to those clients I had not seen for personal training or health coaching over the last 1-2 years. This effort always brought people back. Not everyone comes back, but some of them do, and it costs you a lot less, is a lot easier, and is easy enough to do.

Of course, in combination with this campaign, you should also have others that focus on keeping your relationship with current customers as sticky as possible so they stay longer and leave you less frequently. But in every business, there exists a finite timeline on which your customers exist, and when the begin to fall away, it’s very important to do everything you can to bring them back.

You don’t have to over complicate this campaign, either. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call or two and a conversation about why they might have left and why you haven’t seen them in awhile; and then asking them what you might need to do for them to motivate them to come back. You will find that many of them have departed for reasons that are easy for you to correct. Often, it’s simply that you ignored them for a little too long.

The specifics will depend on your business and your intentions and the customers you work with.

The important thing is that you put this campaign in place as soon as you can.


This 94-year OLD Sales Secret is the Key to Doubling Your Profits

they laughed when I say down to play the piano

written by john c ashworth

We have all experienced this. 

A great sales letter or sales pitch that somehow drew us in and suddenly we’re ready to buy.

What happened?

A master storyteller drew us in.

A well written story is one of the most persuasive sales and copywriting techniques you can put to work for you.

Stories sell!

Are you writing any?

Imagine how much more powerful your current marketing could become by incorporating the master secrets of powerful and provocative storytelling into everything you do to communicate more effectively with your prospects and customers.


PS One really good example of this idea is a direct-response piece written by John Caples.  You might even recognize the headline,

“They laughed when I sat down At the Piano
But When I started to Play!”

John Caples was a magnificent storyteller and he understood that in order to get someone to sign-up for a correspondence course teaching them how to play the piano, that what he really needed to do was paint a clear picture of how that feat would play out in real life.  In telling a story about how an average guy was able to surprise his close friends during a dinner party – sitting down to play the piano in unexpected ways – allows the reader to imagine what that experience might be like for them too.  And as a result, build desire. This letter was extremely successful, directly as a result of this powerful storytelling technique.

What stories can you tell about your work, your mission, and your unique services that will resonate like this and stir emotions and put people in the mood to buy your stuff?

they laughed when I say down to play the piano
You can Click here for John Caple’s original Obituary as published in The New York Times. -john c ashworth

How to Succeed as a Copywriter and Salesperson

written by john c ashworth

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is in not knowing their products to the core. And not just knowing them, but really knowing and understanding what those products do for the people who buy them. Very often, until you know your stuff, the reasons you think people buy are very different than what you think they are. Dig deep. You’ll find some interesting stuff.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a great product that you’ve developed and are passionate about it, chances are you’re closer to the knowing. But it’s, still easy to make too many assumptions.

The key is in your research. First, your research into every aspect of the product or products and everything they offer and how they work. The second is in gaining a true understanding of exactly how that product satisfies the desires of your customers and prospects. How does it take away their pain?

Most salespeople will skirt most of this work. Especially in cases where at least initially, sales come easily. But over time, if you ignore this truth, your sales will suffer.

As a copywriter or salesperson, you need to know your product better than anyone else. You need to research every single detail of what you’re selling and know it like you know your own soul.

This also means, of course, that you have to be willing to work harder than anyone else and this is where most decide it’s not worth it. That’s fine. That’s a choice you’re allowed to make. Just don’t complain when you’re results suffer. Because unless you’re willing to do this work, you can’t and will never know your product the way you really need to in order to make the sales I know you want to make.

When you know and understand both your product and your prospect better than anyone else, including your competition, you will WIN more of the time.


If you can’t clearly articulate what makes your business unique, how can you expect anyone else to care?

written by john c ashworth

I’m talking about your unique selling proposition here.

Do you have one?

What is it?

And does it answer the following question? Because if it does not, STOP everything you’re doing and ALL your marketing, because until you are very clear on this, you’re wasting lots of time, money and energy!

Why should I choose your business, product or service versus any and every other competitive option available to me, including doing nothing at all?


You don’t always need to do the new thing to make more sales…

written by john c ashworth

Most small business owners do not need new invention or new opportunity for the making of new fortunes. That’s because most business owners are still not very good at capitalizing on the opportunities that are right in front of them. They are often distracted, over-worked, and much more excited about chasing the new shiny thing then in digging into the dirt of developing the opportunities that are very often right in front of them.

Take your house list as one simple example.

Are you sending a regular email and print newsletter?

It’s possible you’re doing the former and very likely not the latter. The two combined and done in the right way and committed to over time can exponentially increase your sales.

Expert copywriting is the key.

Think it’s not possible?

Try it.

Or give me a chance, and I’ll show you how. I’m so confident I can make it happen for you, that I’ll do it for free in exchange for royalties on the sales I produce for you.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t always be looking for the slight edge in the form of new things you can leverage for better results. But I encourage you to start with the fundamentals of great copywriting and cultivation of your house list and then expand outward from there.