The most important thing in business is Sales.

written by john c ashworth

I’ve heard Mark Cuban say it on Shark Tank; and I’ve heard and read this idea in many other places too…

“Sales cure a lot of ills.”

In other words, when all else fails, focus on selling. Because if you’re not selling anything, you’re not really doing anything to make your company grow. Thrive.

As a salesman myself, I agree with this with all my might.

Here’s why…

First of all, any time I find myself where I’m not selling enough, it’s almost always because I’ve lost my focus and have gotten lost in the weeds. Working on things day to day that are important on some level, but not nearly as vital as my focus on selling. When I find myself here, I focus on one simple question…

“What do I need to do right now to make my next sale?” …and I was tempted to write, ‘sales’, but that’s an important distinction too. I don’t want to focus on the next two or three or ten sales. Just the next one. Because that’s the most important one. Always!

That’s it. And I don’t stop until I’ve made that sale happen.

Sometimes I do get lost. We all do. All that old head trash takes constant management. Constant discipline. But eventually and usually after not too long, I find my way back to that one simple focus question. How am I going to get my next sale? Not my next three sales. My next one and that’s it.

There’s nothing like a sale to get you back on track. The focus and the energy a successful sale fosters is an amazing trip. An energizing shot of adrenalin pumped into your heart that fills you with a sense of hope, courage, happiness and fulfillment. After all, as a salesman, that what I’m here to do. Help you buy something that will solve your problem and improve your life and business. In turn, my business and my income grow too.

This is why nine out of ten businesses fail. They don’t have good marketing and they don’t know how to sell.

So, when you’re business is struggling and you have many problems to address and you don’t know where to begin, keep your focus on sales, because sales cure a lot of ills. They breed an energy inside your business that is contagious and infectious. Sales pay the bills and the salaries of those who generate and support them. Sales bring you customers, relationships and friends that you can nurture and extend to more connections, forever. Sales is the heart of your business. You MUST embrace this idea. And then you MUST integrate these efforts with your marketing. The two are intertwined, and that’s a story for another day.

Sales rule the land and your business because nothing happens until a sale is made. And if sales are not happening then something is wrong, and you need to fix it right away, because everything you do inside your business either increases or decreases sales.


Can you buy into this idea? I sure hope so. Because everything you’re doing inside your business either attracts and keep customers or drives them away.

That’s why sales has the potential to cure so many ills in your business. To sell more, you have to do more of the right things, more of the time. Focusing on sales helps you focus on the right stuff.

When you focus on sales you will end up focusing on EVERYTHING you can do to drive more of them and then prevent losing them. When you do this, the problems that are plaguing your business will become more evident and clear to you and you will be able to begin identifying and solving them more efficiently. Thus driving even more sales.

OK, enough reading.

Go make sale!


Price is NOT the Decider YOU think it is…

john c ashworth luxury hearse

Price is NOT the Decider YOU think it is
written by john c ashworth

Most small business owners will have an immediate reaction in disagreement with this idea.  Mostly as a result of their direct experience trying to sell to the wrong prospects, a lackluster sales presentation, and fear that is driven by their own set of troublesome belief systems.

So, let’s start with the easiest real life example.

Apple Computer

You can certainly find lots of other options out there for phones, tablets, laptops and computers.  And yet…EVERY single time I visit the Mac store here in town, it’s packed.  Seriously…every time I go.  Of course, I probably don’t have to work that hard to convince you.  You might even already own an iPhone or Apple product of some kind. Personally, I invest in Apple products because the extra money I spend is more than worth the overall experience with both their service and my day-to-day interactions with their technology products. I’m happy to spend the extra money.

The truth is that the majority of buyers of any product or service actually do prefer to make their decisions based on criteria other than the lowest price.

Here’s the trick…

Buyers will only be willing to forgo price in favor of paying more when they are given a good reason to do so.  In other words, they must be presented with a powerful and persuasive value proposition that stirs their emotions and motivates them to invest in your solution to their problem.

Small business owners love to blame buyers when they don’t buy.  The real truth is that if folks are not buying they are either the wrong prospect for the products and services you offer; and/or you have not done your job in identifying and stirring-up the problem, and therefore, have no real good opportunity to build that value proposition and present your solution.  

It’s YOUR fault.  Not theirs.

So, instead of bemoaning the situation and ignoring your ignorance and your responsibility to fix it, let’s get to work.

Sure, some people and prospects will ALWAYS buy the lowest price, but in my experience, a whole lot more will buy your stuff, pay more, and be a whole lot happier as a result. Also, I don’t want to work with the customers who are only concerned about getting the lowest price. They’re not that much fun to work for.

When I was selling cars, the happiest customers we worked with at the Lexus dealership were those who paid more for their cars, invested in more of the aftermarket products, and who placed a lot more emphasis on their overall luxury car-buying experience rather than getting caught-up in trying to save a few thousand bucks.  They had plenty of money and were not at all shy about parting with it as long as they felt they were getting the experience they desired and deserved.

Sales will ALWAYS BE person to person

written by john c ashworth

You Must NEVER forget…Sales will always be person to person.

No matter what you sell, or who you sell to, even if you sell business to business, purchases are made by people.  People who have emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and who need to feel they like and trust you and your company before they’re going to be willing to cross-over to your side of the river.

I think this important to point out, because as technology advances, and artificial intelligence improves and then attempts to drive your prospecting and selling efforts, it’s vital to stay present with the facts.  People buy things for emotional reasons.

What are they?

Don’t have a good answer?

Time to get to work, because when you do have a good answer and you do buy into the idea that people will always be at the heart of any business or sales transaction, you will then be able to get to work on crafting your messaging in a way that stirs the emotions of your prospects and customers in ways that leave them feeling magnetically drawn toward your solutions.


Stop talking. ‘Telling’ is not selling.

written by john c ashworth

“Telling is NOT Selling,”

Want to make the sale?

Stop talking.

Really likely that if you focus on this one simple thing over the next few weeks you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. You’ll also learn some amazing things about your customers, prospects, and yourself.

I could elaborate, but you know what? I’m going to stop talking now …so that YOU can tell me exactly what it is you’d like to do next, and how I can help you accomplish that. OK?

You see what I mean? Now it’s totally about YOU?

How can I help you?

How can I serve you?

Tell me YOUR story.


Promise, LARGE promise is the SOUL of any advertisement

Two hundred fifty years ago, essayist, poet and author Dr. Samuel Johnson said, “Promise, large promise, is the soul of an advertisement.” And Ogilvy agreed.

When you get the promise right…by identifying, reinforcing, and emphasizing the strongest benefit… your product will practically sell itself.

It ain’t matter if you express yourself in perfect English.

The ONLY thing that will matter is that YOUR ideas are clear and easy to understand.