It’s a mistake to become too predictable…

My family thinks I’m a little weird and that’s OK. They love me anyway. My customers? Prospects? The people I work with every day?

Well, you’d have to ask them personally, but I believe they get the sense I’m a little different too.

Why is this important?

Because it makes you more memorable. It makes you more interesting. It makes people want to pay a little closer attention to what you may or may not do next.

It takes a little courage to be this unique. When you put yourself out there like this, you won’t always impress everyone.

That’s the idea, you see…

To NOT impress and resonate with EVERYONE all the time. If that’s what you’re trying to do right now you really need to stop, because in reality, you’ll impress no one this way. You’ll get lost in the middle.  The idea is to impress, attract and build stronger and stronger bonds with those who will love you anyway.  Those who will love you because you are weird, different, and interesting and a real expert at what you do. An invaluable resource to your customers; and the people you serve.

The number one rule in marketing is NEVER to be boring.

Pay close attention…

Businesses break this rule every single day!


How to be more productive every day

how to be more productive every day with new reading glasses

What are you tolerating?

This is an important question.

Because inside the answer, is a much bigger picture. A far more clear view of why you might be suffering.

We are all tolerating things. Usually many things. Often, far too many things.

What are you going to do about them?

For more than a year now, I’ve been tolerating a pair of glasses that is old, outdated and worn out. Sure, they work. Yes! They could be a lot worse, and I could have gone on tolerating them for another year or more if needed. Glasses are expensive, and I have teenagers to feed and groom for life outside the nest.

It’s not just the money, either. The time needed to address this problem is also significant. When you’re working full time in a traditional 8-5 job and committed to your workout schedule, the 60 minutes you are granted each day to eat and take a break are devoured quickly while racing back and forth to the gym.

But then, one day, I just did it. I took action!

Last week, however; I needed a flu shot. And to me, this is equally important. So I went to take care of it as quickly as I could.

I got my flu shot, and I also got to spend time with a real expert when it comes to new glasses. The eye glass shop is right next door.  The expert I am grateful to have there provided me a very nice $60 solution that will carry me through until January, and now that it’s done, I can’t believe I waited this long.

My work every day keeps me in front of computer screens all day long. It’s a lot different than the work I’ve done in the past as a fitness guru, personal trainer, and car salesman. It can be grueling. The moment I sat down and put on this new pair of specs, I was amazed. Not only could I see 100% more clearly than I could before, but I also didn’t feel sick to my stomach at the end of the day as a result of the motion disturbance I was creating in my attempts to make do with an older pair of reading glasses that I had pulled from the archives of my desk; and that could very well have been a pair that Abraham Lincoln wore while writing poetry 🙂

Every minute of EVERY day that I’m reading and writing, either on a screen or in print, I am 100% more comfortable. This has freed my mind and and provided clarity of thought and emotion. It has made me more productive and more content. All of which has made me more effective in my work, my studies, and my life as a whole.

I can’t wait to tackle the next one.

I encourage you to do the same.


The Ash Flash – Aug 2018 #1

red wagon

The Ash Flash – ezine edition
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Table of Contents: A simple set of actions that have great potential for YOU.
1.  How to find your strengths
2.  Why I love being a salesman – and what YOU can learn from this
3.  How to negotiate and win!

1. How to find your strengths

As defined by ‘StrengthsFinder‘ and a variety of other assessments I’ve performed over the years, one of my five strongest characteristics is that of a ‘Learner.’ I have a great desire to Larn and ton continue to Grow. As my friend Dave Dubail from The Dubail Fitness Institute always says, “If you’re not growing, YOu’re dying. Keep up the great work, Dave! I miss you, brother.

Maintaining an intellectual status quo is simply unacceptable to me. As it should be to you, and that’s probably at least part of the reason you’re hear today, reading this. The point is that I am now sharing this knowledge and wisdom on a regular basis inside The Ash Flash. But I’m not giving this information away to the public anymore. You will have to subscribe to read great and resourceful articles like this one. Click here to join the tribe now!

Lastly, I encourage you to take your own strengths-finder assessment. I found it extremely useful when I did it and the report you gain from your participation will give you some great personal feedback and plenty of fodder for writing your bio or resume or maybe updating your Linkedin Profile.

Use this link for the Strengths-finder Assessment tool: (

It was FREE back when I originally did it. Now, you need to invest between $20-50 bucks. Still well worth it. Money very well spent.

2. Why I love being a salesman & what YOU can Learn from this.

It’s the people, really. The relationships. The ability to change someone’s life for the better by helping them buy cool and innovative products that enhance their lives. But when it is all done. The purchase made. The excitement long gone.  What is left? Usually nothing if you operate like the average salesman. Just as an example, I’ve purchased two cars now from one salesman at one dealership and have received NO follow-up of any kind. NONE! That’s missing the point. Not just the point that staying in touch is good business practice, but the larger point which is that if we have something good going, and I’ve purchased stuff from you, YOU have an opportunity to build a lasting relationship that will continue to be more and more profitable for both of us. Your customers are the reason you go to work every day. The more you serve and with greater effectiveness, more value, and more efficiently and effectively, the more money you will make by default. Why are you passing on this opportunity?

And again, the money becomes secondary to the relationships. Those are what last and create lasting profitability. Don’t lose site of this. Put the time and attention into this reality. The more you do, the better your business as a salesperson will run, and the more profit you will create.

3. How to negotiate and Win!

That’s really what a car deal, or any other kind of business deal is all about in the end. How to negotiate and win. In fact, one of the first things I learned when selling cars was the importance of making the customer feel like they had ‘Won’ the negotiation. Car deals are about winning. Just like life. It’s good to get used to that idea.

The real secret to ANY negotiation is in your PERSISTANCE.

Just like anything else in life, I suppose. I have a personal story that illustrates this point beautifully.

If you had the opportunity, the action that would likely help you the most when it comes to learning to negotiate, would be to come practice negotiating with my daughter. She’s fierce. I mean fierce. Beyond persistent. Relentless. She’ll make either a great car salesperson or lawyer someday. I’m sure of it. She has taught me things about persistance. Both with her ability negotiate and her ability to stay focused on what she wants and to then do whatever it takes to get it.

The thing that makes her so good is that she is literally relentless. She will NOT STOP until she either has what she wanted in the first place, or knows for sure that she has worked as hard as possible and completely exhausted her position, and as a result, can be sure she gained all the ground she could.  She can be certain of this because of her persistance.

She works every single deal so friggin’ hard. Pick-up times. More gum. More soda. More ice cream. More time on her phone. You name the battlefield and she will be there. Showing up first, establishing her position, and fighting until she has forced you to concede as much as she believes you are willing to give, and then a little more.

Now, there’s more to a business deal than just persistance, but if I could only share one tip with you. One strategy. One way you should be in order to maximize your success and your savings on a car deal or any other kind of business deal, persistance would be my go to weapon for all warriors.

The problem is that persistence is exhausting, and sometimes very uncomfortable and often annoying and off-putting to most people. As a result, in the car business I watched people give up early and justify what they got as a good deal no matter what, because they got battle fatigue. They got tired and chose NOT to go on.

Let me make this clear…

To get the most savings possible on your next car deal, you’re going to have to put on your battle fatigues and get to work. Be ready for the fight. Be courteous. Be respectful. Be persistent. Be suspicious. Be cautious. Be informed. Most importantly of all…Be Persistent.


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Don’t delay on this, because when this idea takes off, flying on the fuel of my own level of persistence in creating this resource center for car buyers, FREE access will be a thing of the past, and you’ll wish you were persistent enough to follow-through on something so simple when you had the chance.

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Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time, Edition 2 by Brian Tracy – Books on Google Play

eat that frog

“Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy

There just isn’t enough time for everything on our “To Do” list—and there never will be. Successful people don’t try to do everything. They learn to focus on the most important tasks and make sure they get done.

There’s an old saying that if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s probably the worst thing you’ll do all day. Using “eat that frog” as a metaphor for tackling the most challenging task of your day—the one you are most likely to procrastinate on, but also probably the one that can have the greatest positive impact on your life—Eat That Frog! shows you how to zero in on these critical tasks and organize your day. You’ll not only get more done faster, but get the right things done.

Hope this helps…


Source: Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time, Edition 2 by Brian Tracy – Books on Google Play

Permanence needs permission

written by john c ashworth

Permanence needs permission.

In other words, if your world stinks right now, you can change it with a decision and an action plan to go along with it. Sure, it likely won’t happen or transform your life immediately, but that’s the point. It’s far too easy to get complacent, let the weeds grow one by one, until suddenly the job of pruning those ugly beasts from your garden becomes too daunting to consider, and so you continue to leave it alone, ignore the problems, and live with the consequences. No matter how miserable this might make you.

Of course, there are times when your permission to let things ride and the consequences that creates are not so obvious, which is what can get you into so much trouble, and can make it seem like it happened all of the sudden. Most of the time, though, you have ignored certain realities and truths, and have decided instead to pretend that everything is OK.

So…stop complaining and do something about your current reality. And if you’re OK right now and everything is just peachy, good for you. Maintain your awareness and discipline so that you can attack those weeds as soon as they rear their ugly heads from the ground beneath you. Buy a good pair of gloves, keep your flexibility and fitness intact so that you can easily bend over and work your fields, and stay vigilent. Your life and your surroundings are constantly in flux and you need to remain aware of your choices and the potential consequences that follow them.

Remember too that success often comes from doing what failed in a slightly different way, in differernt conditions, and at a different time. The key for you is your awareness and your readiness to act when you need to. To prevent complacency from seeping into your garden and promoting the growth of things you just don’t want there. Things that inhibit the cultivation and growth of a life that is more beautiful. More enjoyable. More in-line with who you truly are. More in line with contentment. More clear.