YOU are NOT YOUR mistakes

wilmette illionois fall 2019

written by john c ashworth

Most of us spend far too much time worrying about the mistakes we’ve made, and as a result, expending far too much energy trying to prevent the next one rather than moving on to the next leap. The next idea. The next innovation. After all, what if we fail again? What if we make more mistakes? What if we are unable to free ourselves from the tyranny of our humanness?

Guess what?

You can’t.

Keep going. Keep failing. Keep being human.

Don’t be stupid and blind when it comes to your outcomes. Your results. Because whether you fail or you succeed there is always much to learn.

The real truth reveals itself in your responses to these outcomes. Your choices. Your willingness to keep going and to prevent your mistakes and your failures from ruling over your mind and your next move like a dictator intent on shrouding you in a cloak of fear that is wet and heavy with the weight of your doubt, and the world, and impossible to carry for very long on the road to your success.


Here’s what I hope the Ash Flash will do for you…

The goal of my weekly posts to the ash flash is to inspire you in some way. That’s the main goal. In fact, I read something this morning that reinforces this idea.

“…that a sense of curiosity and purpose , rather than the mechanistic drive for reward in exchange of effort, is the richest animating force of work.”

Bertrand Russel in his 1925 treatise on the nature of happiness

The challenge is in finding a pursuit that allows both forces to face each other in a liquid dance that keeps us moving and motivated. That’s what I hope the Ash Flash does for you. At least from time to time 🙂

We all need a means of staying connected and focused on the pursuits and projects that mean the most to us, and that as a result, foster our greatest contributions to the communities we serve.

I’m still working to find my exact way through this here on The Ash Flash, and I appreciate you being along for the ride as I work this out.

I have many good ideas about what I ultimately want to create here. I want to let those evolve naturally. In the mean time, my goal is to inspire you, challenge you, and help you unlock the courage to pursue your dreams. Both personally and inside your business.

You’ve got what it takes. I know you do. Keep going.


Stop wishing Start doing

Stop wishing start doing

written by john c ashworth

It’s interesting how often my drive to write and inspire comes back to exercise. I guess you can take the personal trainer out of the gym but you can’t take the passion for exercise and all of the benefits out of a man’s soul.

I think a lot of it has to do with with the fact that even though this is not my primary pursuit anymore, the benefits of exercise and of staying fit in my own life as a busy Dad, husband, salesman, modern day renaissance man and bohemian athlete are unsurpassed by any other regular success habit. There simply is no substitute for regular exercise.

Which brings me to the quick point I wanted to make today…

Stop wishing and start doing!

That’s a direct quote from a sign that my daughter Ana purchased for herself a couple years ago. It lives quietly and purposefully on the bookshelf in her room. Ana embodies this mantra.

What prompted this post today was another conversation I recently had with a colleague who has been putting off taking action on his exercise program.

You’re either exercising or you’re not. There’s no in between.  It’s really that simple. Stop planning and and just do it.  Get to the gym.  Go for a walk. Order a few cubic yards of mulch and borrow your neighbor’s wheelbarrow, and get spreading. Mow your lawn.  Walk the dog.  Paint the fence.

Structured exercise is important. Getting to the the gym is vital. Regular strength training will turn your life around. I guarantee you. But you won’t always have time and your exercise doesn’t have to be perfect all the time.  Just do it.  Stop wishing and start doing.

Get going!

Allie, time to get up. We’re heading out again….


Allie on the golf course
Allie the Labradoodle. 8.5 years old and still walking strong 🙂