Success = "Being Good at Stuff"

Today, “Being good at stuff” meant having an
efficient pland and a set of tools available to
meet the demands of clearing 18 inches of snow
from my grounds as quickly and efficiently as

If you’ve never had the chance to experience 18
inches of snow all at once, you know what I’m
talking about.  If you haven’t, well then, you
just haven’t lived!

About a month ago I began the preparation.  Yes, a
month ago.  I didn’t want to get caught behind
enemy lines (like a few of my neighbors did)
scrambling through the depths of my garage looking
for a new spark plug, gasoline, and anything else
that might help me find a way to start my snow

It was a good thing I did this.  It always is.  I
My snow blower had a flat tire that needed fixing.
So, I took care of that a couple weeks ago,
changed the oil and when the big
storm hit today I was ready.  And luckily for a
few of my neighbors, I had all of the tools and
systems to take care of the business of the
morning – a mountain of snow…

Here’s my point…

To do any job right, you need the
right tools and a system for putting them to good
use.  Without one or both of these things, you’re
likely to get buried in the cold.

This week I signed a big client here at
FitnessProBlogger.  They hired me to help them
create and then deliver via a new blog site and
social media campaign their personal brand.

I’ll tell you more about that gig and the company
later.  You will want to hear their story.  Their
product is something you’ll probably want to have,
and it’s just a good story about a great company
that started in the garage and has gone to the big
time right here in Madison.

Why did they hire me?

Because they don’t have the time, tools, or
expertise, to do what I can do for them online,
and they are smart enough to realize
that if I do my job right for them, the cost
of hiring me to do this work, will be snow
flakes compared to the blizzard of new business
that will come to them over the next 6 months to a

Are you doing what you need to do to build your
personal brand online right now?

If not.  I can help you too and the simplest way
to start would be to sign-up for my fitness blog
conent service right now while it’s still so

For only $37 per month, you too can put your blog
on auto-pilot and begin to experience the benefits
of leveraging your blog and social media to grow
your fitness business.

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PS  I took some great photos today while hard at
work.  You can view those on my personal blog if
you like at

PSS  A personal blog like this one is a great way
to connect with clients, friends, and colleagues
and show them a little more of who you are and
what you’re good at.  For me, it’s photography and