Workout of the Week 1

produced by john and carl ashworth

Warm-up with…
1. Free Motion Push
2. Free Motion Dual Cable Cross Row


3. Cross-over Kettlebell squats 2×10 to each side

On the Bosu Ball

Dumbbell Curl and Press
Slow and Controlled Mountain Climbers – for the core and opening the hips and low back
Bosu Hops

Straight Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts

Metabolic Circuit

High Skipping and Burpees
–Skip down and back 25 yards twice and then do 10 burpees.  That’s one round.  Perform two to three rounds, REST, and then repeat at least twice if not four times.

How to work your Total Body with One Barbell and live longer as a result…

Watch my total body barbell workout with Leigh Mills


written and produced by john c ashworth, ma

New research our of the University of Utah School of Medicine reinforces what we already know…sitting for long periods of time is terrible for your health.  In fact in this study, getting up and walking for at least two minutes every hour showed that you can lower your risk of an early death by 33%.  Now, I admit, these kinds of statistics are always a little vague and so what if you live longer if you’re unfit, unhealthy, and unable to do the things you love to do in life.  However, a study like this does reinforce the importance of movement and exercise throughout the day, not just a little here and there or a short trip to the gym three days per week.  In fact, there is other research in this area that shows you can completely undo the benefits of a great workout at the gym when you sit too much for the rest of the day.

So, for tonight’s Fitness Friday segment with Leigh Mills, I thought I would provide you a unique total body workout that you can perform with just one barbell.  Because even better than just getting up and walking some stairs or gonig for a short walk, this simple, yet intense strength training routine will provide maximum intensity with minimal complexity.  And before you go discounting this as something that you can’t do at work or really anywhere you could keep a barbell sitting in the corner, tune in tonight as I perform this workout in my suit…

Here are the moves.  The video archive of the workout on NBC15 tonight here in Madison will come later…

  1. Split Squat to Press
  2. Single Arm Row with Partial Lunge
  3. Barbell Russian Twist
  4. Lever Floor Press

If I have time today (Friday, August 21st, 2015) I will get a short video of the moves up here.  Likely, this won’t happen, so either you’ll have to tune in tonight on NBC 15 at about 5:15 PM or check back over the weekend for the video archive.



Workouts to do at home

workouts to do at home

produced by john c ashworth, ma

Workouts to do at home – Part 1

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of workouts to do at home.  Which is good news, since I know many of you out there struggle with finding time for exercise.  The first objection to this idea, of course, is the one that you have to invest in a lot of fancy fitness equipment in order to create an ideal workout environment.  This really isn’t true, and this workout is a great example.  In fact, I’ve seen many fantastic and elaborate home gyms that have all the latest equipment but that ultimately get left unused or utilized for other things.

**Note: this workout is part of my 7-minute workout series.  A whole list of workouts to do at home in 7 minutes or less.  You can subscribe to this series by CLICKING HERE.

Here is the workout list:

1. Kettle Bell Squat with Side-Step – you can use anything heavy.  It does not need to be a kettle bell.

2. Burpees – this is a burpee with a spiderman push-up.  An advanced move.  If you are a beginner.  Try this instead.

3. Step-ups – this link will actually take you to an entirely different workout where step-ups are included.

Perform 15 repetitions of each, and then move to the next exercise.  Keep going for 7-minutes straight.  Check your heart rate along the way.


PS  If you’re looking for creative ways to jump start your fitness program, I’m on NBC15 with Leigh Mills twice per month here in Madison WI.  You can check the archives to this segment by clicking here.

PSS  You might also consider my Fitness Nomad Kick-Start program.  It has been incredibly popular over the years.  You can find out more about this unique program by visiting

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