[fitness friday] Tension headache remedies…5 Exercises YOU can Perform at YOUR Desk to relieve upper back and neck tightness

written by john c ashworth, ma

special thanks to Carl, my cubicle mate, for taking these photos 🙂

tension headache remedies
John & Leigh demonstrating their tension headache remedies.

It’s 2 pm. Your energy is low. You haven’t moved enough during the day. You’ve spent far too long sitting in your office chair and staring at that computer screen. Instead of heading for the vending machine, or the coffee maker, I want you to try these 5 quick and easy exercises that you can perform right at your desk. As a bonus, during tonight’s broadcast, I will reveal one simple relaxation move that will provide a far greater BOOST to your energy level than that shot of espresso I know you crave!

Tonight on NBC15 in Madison with Leigh Mills, I will perform the following 5 movements live! So, check back on Friday evening to see the archived video and if you can, tune in live tonight at about 5:15 PM on NBC 15 here in Madison.

5 Tension Headache Remedies:

Back Extensions with Arms Up and Behind Your Head
The Two Banana Shoulder Roll
The Cubicle Star Fish!
Side Bends with Hands Behind Your Head

The Trunk Twist with Your Hands Behind Your Head




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