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This is the first of two photos I mentioned on the previous page.

I took this one of myself over five years ago, sitting our on the deck of our brand new home in West Madison.

We are grateful for a very nice home, in a very nice neighborhood, and the culmination of a life-long vision.

More than twenty years ago, when I imagined our potential move back to the Midwest from California I knew exactly why I wanted to do this and I could clearly see the kind of home and neighborhood I wanted to live in. I was familiar with the idea. I had gone to school in Illinois and had made many trips back to the suburbs of Chicago to visit family.

Looking back on that picture today of me sitting on my deck with the goofy hat and a background still being developed, I see that I made it. I am living the kind of lifestyle in the Midwest that I imagined was possible and that I set out to create.

old school john c ashworth backyard
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In this second photo, I’m reading ‘Shoeless Joe’ by W P Kinsella, the book that inspired the moving,’Field of Dreams’ My late sister Wendi took this picture of me one afternoon in our backyard, while I was sitting quietly icing my right knee. A common experience in those highly competitive times.

What I see now so clearly in both of these photos is the reverence of my reflection. The clear idea that I’ve always been happiest when I’m learning, creating, and producing in the way I do here on the ash flash. A pursuit that is so pure for me. So uninhibited.

In regards to the more recent photograph, I have a few more points that will tie all this together for us.

This is somewhere I had imagined myself to be more than 20 years ago. A vision I had. A desire. A goal that turned into a mission and a daily discipline that has driven me all these years to that achievement. And there I sit. And when I consider the obstacles I’ve overcome even since that photograph I feel even more proud and even more excited to share what I’ve learned with YOU.

It’s just the kind of thing I’ve been known to do. Take fast action on a dream and work hard to turn it into real life. Never letting go of it for any reason and no matter how difficult the challenge to maintain possession.

I’ve accomplished this sort of feat many times now in my life, and I’ve gotten a lot of help from the insights I’ve gained over the years gathering information from books, movies, newsletters, newspapers, libraries, podcasts, blogs, talk shows, personal experience, graduate school, junior college, and and anywhere and everywhere else I have ever had the opportunity to discover something new that might help me learn and discover how to live a better life.

This is what the ash flash is really about. Sharing these insights with you so that maybe a few of them might really make a difference for you in your own life along the way.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do, and I hope you enjoy the ash flash.

It’s always great to hear from you.


I appreciate your interest in my work as a modern day Renaissance Man.  You’ll learn more about what that actually means as time goes by now that you are a subscriber πŸ™‚

Welcome to the inside circle, and I hope you enjoy The Ash Flash.

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