The Keys to getting a Great Deal on YOUR next Car. Parts 1-4

expert car buyerwritten by john c ashworth
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The Keys to getting a great deal on your next car.

*Links to parts 1 through 4 are at the bottom of this post.

Let’s start with this one, because I believe this story sums up the frustrations people feel when it comes to trudging through the deep thick quick sand that a car deal can become when you’re not willing or emotionally ready to engage in the negotiating that IS necessary to make it happen. It’s exhausting!

Herb Cohen, the author of, “You can negotiate anything” once shared a telling story about what it’s like to buy a car. In this story, Herb sits down with a car salesman, and after a short period of pleasant conversation, asked, “What’s the REAL price of this car.” The salesman responded as most would, by showing Herb a discounted price on the car.

Now, being an expert negotiator, Herb sat patiently for a few minutes, looking at the numbers, and then asked the same question again, OK, but what’s the real, REAL price of this car?” The salesman responded again with another discount on the car.

Herb, again sitting patiently, and maintaining is pleasureable demeanor, asked a third question, “OK, what’s the real, real, REAL price of this car?”

The salesman’s response to this third question is telling, informative, frustrating, maddening, and perfectly legitimate and commonplace. All of which, is a great example of why so many car buyers leave so much money on the table when they begin negotiating their car deal with the dealer.  They just don’t want to go through all this, and are NEVER quite sure where the bottom is exactly.  So, rather than stir-up too much of a fuss, they fight a little, give up and walk away justifying what they paid as a good deal.  It might be, but often, the deal could have been so much better.  And easier.

Finally, the Salesman responds, “For that price, you’ll have to ask my manager.”

There are a number of lessons inside this parable. The first of which, I’m sure you can already see clearly. You really have to press the salesman, the manager, and the dealer as a whole in order to get to the real, real, REAL price of your new car. If you don’t, you’ll leave lots of potential money and savings on the table.

Now, I can hear you moaning already…

“Why does it have to be this hard, John? Why can’t they just sell me the car for the BEST price when I ask them for it the first time?”

I could spend a lot of time on this answer and we’ll get deeper and deeper in to this over time. But my initial response might surprise YOU.

“Suck it up! This is business. This is Capitalism. This is the way it works.  You need a car, and the car dealer is in the business to make money.  The car dealer doesn’t want to leave money on the table either. They are going to fight, scrape, and claw their way through this deal with you.  The will work in the same manner you are working to perfect. This is a business deal and the car dealer has a completely unfair advantage. In spite of the plethora of data available to you today, there are still so many obstacles and potential land mines waiting to blow up your deal along the path to your new car.  It’s easy for you to get lost, wander off, become exhausted and overwhelmed by the elements and the environment, and end up with far less savings than you deserve. In fact, a car deal can often be compared to a marathon or some other long distance endurance event. And if you run out of fuel, energy, and your will to fight, you lose.  You give up and pay too high a price.

The good news is that you now have me and my expertise on your side, and I can really help you.

If you’re not going to hire me personally to do this for you, however, then take this important lesson away from this important parable…

“Keep going. Keep asking. Go well beyond your comfort zone. Piss the dealer off if you have to. Walk out on more than one occasion if you need to. But don’t accept the deal until you are completely sure, it’s a good one.  And if you’re not sure, call me, or enlist the help of someone who can help you know for sure.  And…if you don’t want to go through all that, and you’re satisfied with the price you see on the deal, then you can always do that too.  But why would you?”

You will know when you’re there. In fact, here’s a good guideline…if you don’t sense frustration, angst, or sweating on the part of the dealer, salesman or manager, you’re not there yet.  Keep going.

Good Luck and have fun! And remember, if you need help, just call me. I’ll discuss your car deal with you for no charge and with no pressure to hire me to help you.  I learn a ton from every one of these deals and I would love the opportunity to learn from yours too.


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