What makes us different at Mad City Mitsubishi?

written by your trusted advisor…

John Ashworth
aka “Johnny Renaissance”

Right down to the back of my business card this little unsuspecting dealership is dialed in and ready to serve a unique group of customers who understand that we really are a Dealer for the People®.  And if you’re wondering what that actually means, here is the inscription printed on the back of EVERY one of my business cards…

“We are a Dealer for the People®.  That means we put out customers first, before anything else.  We believe that EVERYONE deserves to drive a newer, nicer car TODAY.  Our business is NOT selling cars.  Our business is finding solutions for the everyday problems that keep most people stuck in a car they hate.  We’re on a mission to change the world by helping people get the car they want and deserve.  My goal is to be a trusted advisor in the process.”

Any questions?

We’re giving away a free 5-day cruise for two with the purchase of a new or used car.  This offer is for a limited time.  Call me at my desk and we can discuss…

608-268-0063 – Direct


Johnny Renaissance

PS  You might have an impression of this place called Mad City Mitsubishi in your mind.  When a business markets as hard as this one does, the odds are good you’ve heard of it.  Good or bad, your impressions don’t matter until you come experience it first-hand.  That inscription on the back of the business card means something.  And you’ll feel it from the moment you arrive.



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